Oct. 5, 1805.   Dec. 30, 1805

To only daughter, Annie, plantation where I now live, 7 slaves, horses, cows, colts, etc. Grandsons: Stephen and William Minor, to have property after decease of daughter Annie.  John Brokus (son of nephew William Brokus), to have $500.  Exrs: Benjamin Beek, Thomas Calvit, William Brokus, Jr., Stephen Minor.  Wit: Daniel Burnett, Thomas White, Samuel Bridgers, John Booth, J. Eldergill.   




---1806.   Feb. Court, 1806.

Daughters: Elizabeth Rapalje and Rebecca Marshall.  Exr: Elizabeth Rapalje.  Wit: James Sampson, Kak Moor.




Nov. 17, 1805.   July 30, 1806.

Exr. and Legatee: Hezekiah Harmon.  Wit: Elisha Flower, Benjamin Ketching, William Lincoln.



March 12, 1806.  August Court, 1806.

Wife: Mary McElwee.  Sons: James, David, and Stephen.  Daughters: Elizabeth, Margaret, Fanny and Mary.  Exrs: wife, William Tabor, Sampson Corbin. Wit: Josiah Arundell, Isaac Clark.




May 26, 1806.  August Court, 1806.

Estate bequeathed to wife and youngest children (not named).  Mentions oldest married children, but does not name.  Exr: James Booth.  Wit: Matt Turney, James S. Dearmond, John Cross, Joseph Bates.




Wife:Rebecca Chamblis.  Daughter: Ann Chamblis. Wit: J. A. Maxwell, P. A. Vandone, John H. Coburn.




March 8, 1820.     -------------

Wife: Jane Bland.  Son: Maxwell Washington Bland.  Exrs: wife, Benjamin Smith.  Wit: Lack O. Gee, Joseph Bullard, Philip Alston.




May 27, 1820,    ---------------

Wife: Mary McAllister.  Sons: Duncun and John McAllister.  Daughters: five, but not named.  Exrs: wife, John McAllister, Daniel McAllister.  Wit: William Hervey, John Hays, Daniel Lamont, Daniel McAllister.


------, JOSEPH


Probated Nov. 12, 1803.

Wife, Molly, to have 1/3 of estate and 2 slaves.  Children: mentioned, but not named.  Wit: Duncan Cameron, Joseph Bullard, George Eslinger.




August 18, 1803.  Feb. 4, 1804.

Estate to mother, after her decease to sister, Elizabeth Rapalje.  Exrs: Isaac Rapalje, Sarah Stowers.  Wit: Vincent Fortner, Thomas Fortner, William Mathews.




March 18, 1802.  November Court, 1804.  Of Southwest Terr.  Wife: Martha, to have slaves, furniture, and money.  Sons: Thomas and Ezekial to have money and slaves.  Daughters: Jemima, Rebekah, and Ann Jean.  Wit: Jesse Griffin, Robert Moor, and Gideon James.




Feb. 21, 1803.  Oct. 6, 1804.

Son Thomas White and his wife, Sarah, to have slaves.  Estate to be divided between: Lucy Angle, Joseph White, Rachel Parks, Mildred Hightower, Thomas White, Susanna Henson, Hirtley Baker, Agnes Simpson, save ten shillings to sons Benjamin and Reuben White.  Exrs: son Thomas White, and Samuel Gibson.  Wit: Gideon James, Julius Smith, Jesse Griffin.  Probated before Samuel Bridgers, Chief Justice for County of Claiborne.




August 2, 1803.   August Court, 1804.

Legattes: Rhody Gibson, to have saddle horse; nephews – Nathaniel (son of Nath’l) Gibson, dec’d), Tobias (son of Malliq? Malachi?, dec’d.), Jordan (son of Stephen Gibson, all stock and horses.  Slaves, Joe and Doll, to have their freedom.  Exr: Stephen Gibson Wit: Shelly Booth, Joseph Ferguson, Seth Caston.




Sept. 10, 1792.  --------------

(Late of New York, now of Elizabethtown, New Jersey).  Wife: Elizabeth.  Son: Philip. Daughters: Catherine Bayard and Sarah Ricketts.  Legatees : George Van Burgh Brown (son of dau. Mary) ; Mary(dau. of son Peter, dec’d); Susan Livinfston (widow of son Peter); Elizabeth Otto.  Exrs: Gerard Bancher (Treasurer of the State of New York) and son Philip Livingston.  (A long codicil to this will.)




Probated Nov. 1825.

Wife: Mary. Children mentioned, but not named. Exrs: wife, Permenias Briscoe.  Wit: William Walker, William Cook, John Rundell.




At a court held in Washington County (Virginia?), Dec. 20, 1808, the will pf William King was probated.  Proved by the oaths of James King, William Trigg, and William D. Nelson, Executors.  Will was made March 3, 1806.  Col. James King, Samuel King, Jacob Baker said the will and codicil, of date 3 March, 1806, are in the hand writing of said William King.  William Trigg and James Trigg took oaths as Executors, as prescribed by law, and entered into and acknowledged their bonds in the sum of $1, 500,000, with Robert Craig, Jr. Thomas Tate, Robert D. Delays, John Aperson, Joseph Cole, Robert White, Bascolm Talbott, John Cole, Thomas Moffett, Joshua Banks, William Duff, William Jones, Benjamin Estill, Samuel Vance, James Bryant, Michael Shaves, Gerard T. Come, James Thompson, Enoch Schoolfield, George Spangler, James Keys, John McCullock, John Willis, William Gray, James Lyon, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Longley, Jacob Munglly, Robert Huston, Reuben Bradley, Val. Baugh, John Mitchell, Jacob Baker, John McCormack, Robert Craig, John Athey, John Goodson, Peter Clark, John Buchanan, James King, Sr., Samuel Meek, Samuel Glenn, Rufus Morgan, James Angley, William McHenry, Michael Deschert, Lilburn Henderson, John J. Trigg, David Smith, Robert Duke, William Nelson, Jacob Long, Welcome Martin, Robert McCullock, Thomas Thornburg, Benjamin Clark, Michael Willoughby, Conley Findley, William King, Jacob Miller, Charles Tate, William Poston, Peter Scott.  A certificate is granted them for probate of said will, December 29, 1808.




September 7, 1810.   Feb. 13, 1811.

Wife: Esther Barnes, to have slaves, plantation, and personal estate.  Legatees: Martha Willis (dau.), to have $1., having received her share; son William to have $1; Nancy Flowers (dau.) to have personal estate; Benjamin Bryan Barnes (gr. son); Polly Barnes.  Rest of estate to be divided between sons Joseph, Lewis, and Elias and daughters Helen, Susan, Sally, Harriett, Asenath Barnes.  Exrs: Ignatius Flowers (son-in-law) and Thomas Barnes.  Wit: Samuel Coburn, Everitt Lee, Ansell Towell.




October 5, 1810.  Feb. 14, 1812.

Wife: Elizabeth, to have slaves.  Daughters: Louisiana Burch, to have slaves; Jane Kilcrease, slaves; Patsy Thomas, slaves; Eleanor Thomas, slaves.  Sons: Thomas C. L. (youngest son), to have slaves; Knowland, William, Francis Spann Thomas to have real estate.  Exrs: sons Knowland and William.  Wit: James Triaro (?) and Henry Wilburne.




April 14, 1813.  August 1813.

Wife: to have furniture and household goods.  Son: Leonard.  Exrs. Walter Leake, Henry Johnston.  Wit: Davenport Wisemaud, Joe; White, John Deanis.




March 5, 1813.  August 9, 1813.

Wife: to have slaves.  Youngest daughter, Jane McCaleb to have furniture and slaves.  Sons: James, David, John, Jonathan.




Nov. 15, 1813.  Nov. 15, 1814.

Sons: Turner Belt, Tobias Eden, Wershane Franklin, all to have slaves.  Daughters: Priscilla Brashears and Lucy Lee, to have slaves. Old faithful servant Peter, to have his freedom.  Exrs. David Lee, Isaac Rapalje, Teisilla Brashear.  Wit: Thomas Fortner, William E. Campbell, Lain Cloyd.




April 18, 1810.  May 1814.

Wife: Nancy, to have all land and real estate in Territory.  Son: Elam Sparks Wooldridge, to have land and slaves.  Exr: Richard Sparks.  Wit: Samuel Frye. Ruth Sparks and Mary Milliken.




Probated June 5, 1814.

Legatees: Mary Robinson (mother), of Chester County, Penn. to have $1000; sister Hannah Cox (wife of John Cox); Amey Roberts; Polly Way (wife of John Way); Elizabeth Robinson, Ann Robinson and Lydia Robinson – sisters to have $150 each, residue to be divided between brothers Joseph and William Robinson, brothers also to have $300 each.  Wit: Samuel Gibson, Robert Steele, Jeff H. Moore.




25 October, 1813. 

Formerly of Chester County, Penn. Estate Bequeathed to brothers: Joseph, Ermer, James, and sister Eliza Taylor Moore.  Sister Eliza to have paint box.  Nephews: Robert Fenger Moore and Joseph Moore.  Exrs: Joseph Moore and Ermer Moore.  Wit: Joseph Briggs, Ralph Regan, Thomas T. Swann.




June 12, 1813.  August, 1813.

Wife: Catherine, to have land and care of children.  Children: Harriet, John, Jarett, Jane, and Addie Evana.  Exrs: James Archer, Col. David Burnet, William Neeley.  Wit: John Robertson, W. B. Minor, James Archer.




July 30, 1812.  Jan. 16, 1813.

Wife, Sarah White, to have 1/3 of estate.  Sons: Nelson and Thompson, to have land.  The following children are to have share and share alike, Larkin, Nelson, Sophia Sims, Thompson, Sarah White, Joseph and Benjamin.  Exrs: son Nelson and Ralph Regan.




Jan. 28, 1813.   Feb. 9, 1813.

Sisters: Elizabeth and Nancy Coburn.  Daughters: Kitty and Mary Coburn, to have personal property.  Sons: Samuel and John Coburn.  Exrs: Daniel Burnet, Samuel Gibson.




April 25, 1813.   May 10, 1813.

Estate to be divided between the children of H. Harmon – Polly, Rebecca, Elizabeth, James and Joseph Harmon.  Exr. Hezekiah Harmon.  Wit: Catherine Harmon, Clemore Bogs.




Dec. 3, 1808.  Feb. 10, 1810.

Daughters:  Sally Smith, Eliza Heath, Polly Smith, Phebe Catuchead(?), Rutha Foster, Patsy Foster, Rebecca Foster, all to have slaves.  Sons: Truett, to have slaves; James, land; Spencer, land; Shadrack Foster. Exrs: William Johnson, John Slaughter.  Wit: John Slaughter.




Jan. 3, 1812.   March 4, 1812.

“I request that my Executors have the best education given my children, that the most enlightened seminaries of the United States can afford, and circumstances of my estate warrant.”  Exrs: Thomas Mar and Abraham Barnes.  Wit: J. Buchan, Peter Lamm, Thomas Barnes.




September 7, 1804.   Nov. 11, 1805.

Wife: Elizabeth, to have use of plantation until youngest daughter, Bridget, arrives at the age of fifteen years, then ˝ of plantation during her widowhood; at the death or marriage of my widow, her share to go to Ephiram Vance.


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