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Whitehall Cemetery

(North of Hermanville (Claiborne County) MS, on MS 18 Highway)


Whitehall Cemetery, a family cemetery, is located in Claiborne County on MS Highway 18 between Utica and Port Gibson, Mississippi. The cemetery is easy to miss since it is located on a knoll approximately 1/10 mile off the road and beyond a hay meadow. A plaque on the entrance gate reads “In Memory of William Spencer Jones.”


Directions: (1) From Natchez area: Take US 61 to Port Gibson, turn right on MS 18 for 11.5 miles (or approx. 3.3 miles north of the intersection of MS 18 and MS 548 at Hermanville, MS). The cemetery is located on a knoll on the right side of the highway, approximately 1/10 mile from the highway. (2) From Vicksburg area: Take MS 27 to Utica (Note: MS 27 and MS 18 bypass downtown Utica). MS 27 and MS 18 are the same highway for 1.3 miles bypassing Utica. From the southern intersection of MS 27 (to Crystal Springs) and MS 18, on MS 18 15 miles. The cemetery is located on a knoll on the left side of the highway. (3) From Jackson area: Take MS 18 (Robinson Road Exit 40 off I-20) through Raymond and Utica, MS, continuing 15 miles south of Utica as described in # 2 above.


Information Compiled in March 2002 and verified on July 23, 2003 by Larry W. Little.


Name                                              Date of Birth                 Date of Death       Inscription [Transcriber’s Notes]



Dudley, Erna Hughes                  05 Feb 1867                   22 Nov 1912          w/o S. E. Dudley; “Each of us hope to join you at last on the beautiful heavenly shore.”

Dudley, Ineant                              07 May 1895                  18 May 1895          s/o S.E. and Erna H. Dudley.

Dudley, Mildred                           05 July 1896                   14 Nov 1896          *; [joint gravestone with twin sister]; d/o S.E. and Erna H. Dudley.

Dudley, Sallie                                05 July 1896                   15 Nov 1896          *; [joint gravestone with twin sister]; d/o S.E. and Erna H. Dudley.


Friendchuh, Jeanne                     21 Nov 189_                  06 Feb 1970           w/o William S. Jones.


Gaddis, Martha Guthrie Greer    12 June 1929                  [No Date]               Mother of Cecily, William & Russell Greer.

Green, Samuel C.                          12 Dec 1834                   27 Feb 1850           [Memorial Stele with information on three sides including Thomas H. Jones and Meriwether L. Jones]; “In Memory of Samuel C. Green. N’ee Jones. Born in Claiborne Co. Miss. Lost on the  Stu (?). Princess.”

Greer, Mary Myrtle Jones           19 June 1903                  07 Nov 1980         

Guthrie, Eugene Victor                10 Sept 1932                  05 Nov 1951          s/o Serena Mildred Jones and Sherman G. Guthrie.


Heidel, Henry Edward                 18 Dec 1913                   19 Apr 1995           *; m. 05 Dec 1949; [2nd h/o Serena J. Guthrie].

Heidel, Serena J. Guthrie             23 June 1906                  20 July 1997           *; m. 05 Dec 1949; [w/o Henry E. Heidel].

Hughes {Infant}                                                                  17 Feb 1859           s/o W.P. and S.V. Hughes.

Hughes, Hellena                           28 May 1860                  07 Sept 1865          d/o W[m].P. and S[arah]V. Hughes.

Hughes, Katherine Byrnes         23 Jan 1881                    24 Dec 1927           d/o Sarah Virginia Jones and Dr. William Preston Hughes.

Hughes, Lucy                               29 Nov 18__                  [Indecipherable]   d/o W.P. and S.V. Hughes

Hughes, Meredith Wm.              14 Mar 1870                   13 July 1873           s/o W.P. and S. V. Hughes.

Hughes, Mildred Virginia           18 Nov 1874                  26 Dec 1913           [w/o Dr. Wm. Preston Hughes]/

Hughes, Sarah Virginia [Jones]     22 Feb 1857                   26 June 1912          d/o William and Mildred Hughes.

Hughes, Thomas Meriwether    09 Mar 1873                   06 Nov 1936          s/o William Preston and Sarah Virginia Jones Hughes.

Hughes, William Preston            08 Dec 1827                   25 Feb 1913           Mason; [h/o Sarah Virginia Hughes].


Jones (?), Infant                                                                                                   [Gravestone only has “Infant” inscribed; by placement it is assumed that the last name of the child was Jones].

Jones, Anna M.                            21 Dec 1838                   17 June 1864          Stele; w/o Lieut. E.D. Jones; d/o Dr. A.P. Jones.

Jones, Archie E.                           10 Oct 1856                    09 Mar 1930           [h/o Julia H. Jones]

Jones, Augusta                                                                    21 Aug 1844          d/o Joseph E. and Martha R. Jones; Aged 10 yr 120 mo 19 days; [flat gravestone].

Jones, Carnott Davis                   29 Jan 1935                    18 Apr 2000

Jones, Eugene D. Sr.                    28 Nov 1867                  17 June 1944          *; [h/o Mary M. Jones].

Jones, Eugene D.                         1832                                1913                        *; [h/o Mary S. Jones].

Jones, James Railey                     06 Jan 1844                    27 Apr 1848           s/o Joseph E. and Martha R. Jones.

Jones, Jeanne Friendchuh          21 Nov 189_                  06 Feb 1970           w/o William S. Jones.

Jones, Joseph E.                           02 Jan 1803                    17 Apr 1852           “Born in Albermade Co., VA”; [h/o Martha A. Jones; flat, broken gravestone at year of DOB].

Jones, Julia H.                               01 Oct 1868                    06 Feb 1906           w/o A. E. Jones.

Jones, Lucy Ruth                         18 Aug 1865                  18 Aug 1882          * [with sister]; d/o Joseph C. and Jane C. Jones.

Jones, Lucy Spencer                   17 Mar 1903                   10 May 1093          d./o A[rchie] E. and J[ulia] H. Jones.

Jones, M. Henryetta                    01 Sept 1858                  28 Aug 1883          * [with sister]; d/o Joseph C. and Jane C. Jones.

Jones, Marjorie                             1917                                2001                        FHM.

Jones, Martha Annie Patterson     06 Oct 1860                    30 Dec 1887           w/o William Syme Jones.

Jones, Martha A.                         31 Jan 1806                    10 Oct 1864            w/o Joseph E. Jones; [flat gravestone].

Jones, Mary S.                              1840                                1928                        *; [w/o Eugene D. Jones].

Jones, Mary M.                            28 Dec 1879                   13 June 1944          *; [w/o Eugene D. Jones, Sr.].

Jones, Mary Augusta                 09 Mar 1893                   05 Sept 1902          d/o A[rchie] E. and J[ulia] H. Jones

Jones, Meriwether L.                   08 July 1842                   27 June 1862          [Memorial Stele with information on three sides including Samuel C. Green and Thomas H. Jones]; “In Memory of Meriwether L. Jones. Co K 12th Miss Reg Inft. Born in Claiborne Co. Miss. Killed in Battle of Ellerson’s Mill before Richmond.”

[Jones], Preston Hughes            08 Sept 1889                  16 Oct 1896            s/o A[rchie] E. and J[ulia] Hughes [Jones]; [broken].

Jones, Robert Milton                   22 Dec 1909                   05 Mar 1982          

Jones, Robert Victor                    1896                                1903

Jones, Thomas H.                        06 Mar 1831                   02 June 1868          [Memorial Stele with information on three sides including Samuel C. Green and Meriwether L. Jones]; “In Memory of Thomas H. Jones. .Co A. 4th Miss Cav. Born in Claiborne Co., Miss; Died at Brown’s Well in Copiah Co. MS.”

Jones, William Spencer               09 Mar 1887                   27 Apr 1957           s/o Martha Annie Patterson and William Syme Jones; [h/o Jeanne Friendchuh}..

Jones, Willie Moore                    24 June 1897                  25 Oct 1900            s/o A[archie] E. and J[ulia] H. Jones.


Patterson, Martha Annie            06 Oct 1860                    30 Dec 1887           w/o William Syme Jones.

Smith, Kenneth J.                         02 July 1939                   07 Feb 1943
















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