Watson Journal



MY NOTES: In the 1850 census of Claiborne Co. MS, Anna Watson was twenty years old, and so only nineteen when she wrote the diary.  She was living in District 1 with her husband William, age twenty-eight, and her son William (Willie), age one.  Both are mentioned often in the diary.  They are native Mississippians, and William is a planter with $2,000 worth of real estate.  William W. Watson had married Anna E. McCall on Sept. 22, 1847 in Claiborne County.


On the Claiborne County GenWeb site is a biography of Dougald McCall, the father of Anna McCall Watson written by a descendant, Avis Walton. 



Avis states that “By this time Dougald and Susan’s (Coleman) only daughter had married William W. Watson of Tensas Parish and was living on a Plantation named Cross Keys.”  The 1860 census of Tensas Parish does show that William , age 39  and Anna, age 29, are very wealthy planters living near Waterproof, LA. They have three children, Dugall, age 9; Horace, age 4;  Olive, age 2 – all born in Louisiana.  Evidently Willie died young.


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January 1st A pleasant day spent at James Watson with Anna Jones. Re- turned home in the evening with Anna and Alice, found William here. No work of much consequence. January 2nd Went with Anna and Alice to Mrs. McGill's. Spent the day in company with Aunt B. Jones and several other friends. In the evening called round by James Watson's, found him quite sick. Left Anna and Alice there, returned home with William. January 3rd The day was rather cloudy and appearance of rain. William went over the river. Spent the day at home, had the company of Aunt B. Jones, L. Jones, Miss Harmon, Aunt McGill, and Susan McGill for dinner. After they left I commenced work on some Regalia of the "Sons of Temperance" for Pa and Dr. J. Jones came in to board and took supper here. January 4th The day is very cloudy and cold. Finished those Regalia in the morning. A. C. Watson's man here. The "Sons of Temperance" formed a division at the college. Had Uncle S. Coleman to dine with us. Portion illegible. [End of Page 1]

January 5th The day was more pleasant. The sun shone out. Edwin was ____________________ and did not go to school. Pa went to Rodney. Nothing very interesting. Was working on a shirt. January 6th The day was one of clouds and sunshine. I made preserves today and finished Pa's shirt. William came home from across the river. Had a call from Mary Tennie Severe. January 7th Rained all day. Was at home with nothing new. January 8th - Monday Another gloomy day, cloudy, cold and some rain. Very un- pleasant out of doors. William went over to J. Watson's. Pa went to Rodney to attend this meeting of the "Sons of Temperance." Dudley Jones came back to school today. Professor Stevens called and spent a while after supper. The baby not very well today. Sewing on different things. January 9th - Tuesday A cold and cloudy day. William went over the river today. Scott came in to board. Smith Daniels and Kate Freeland were married. I worked on a shirt for Pa today. Finished a pair of _______________________ tonight for William. [End of Page 2]


January 10th - Wednesday A clear, cold day. Passed the day at home sewing on a shirt. William over the river. Nothing new. January 11th - Thursday Not so cold, clouds and sunshine. Made orange marmalade. Not much sewing. Pa commenced putting up a house. Ma finished lining Duncan's coat. William still away. January 12th - Friday Raining. William came home from over the river. Finished that shirt of Pa's. My eyes worse today. January 13th - Saturday Still cloudy. William and Pa went to Rodney. I received my bonnet and mantilla that ____________________ for to New Orleans Friday by "The Worth. " Dudley over home. (ILLEGIBLE) January 14th - Sunday Cloudy and rain. Went over to James Watson's with William and found him sick. Came home after dinner. __________________ and Oilie McGill were here after church while I was gone. Pa went to Cane Ridge to hear Mr. __________________ the first time. January 15th - Monday More rain and cloudy all day. William went over the river after dinner. Mr. Steven called here. Gus Watson (ILLEGIBLE) [End of Page 3]


January 16th - Tuesday A very disagreeable day, wet and cloudy. Went home, made a collar and was at work in ______________________ for the baby. Dr. Jones was here, -took dinner. January 17th - Wednesday The day was more pleasant than we have had for some time. Finished those aprons of the baby's. John West called here in the evening. Oilie McGill came and staid all night. January 18th - Thursday A rainy day. Oilie went home. We heard that the ____________ was over on James McGill's land "Island Place", and he was moving all his Negroes over on this side. January 19th - Friday Cloudy. Pa went to Rodney and got material for his blanket and heard that the Cholera was over at Mrs. McG. and Dr. Jones was treating it. January 20th - Saturday Cloudy. William came home. Was altering a dress. Pa went out to Pea Grove to a meeting. January 21st - Sunday A more pleasant day than we have had for some time. I went with William to Bethel, heard Mr. Hutchinson preach from First Corinthians, 5th Chapter, 33rd verse, "Be not (ILLEGIBLE) [End of page 4]


evil communications. Dudley came home. Eddie went to Fellowship Church. Pa came home from Pea Grove. January 22nd - Monday Cloudy and some rain in the morning. Clear and cold in the evening. Pa and William went to Rodney, came home for dinner, met Duncan there. Finished the dress I was altering. Still some cases of Cholera at Mr. McG. January 23rd - Tuesday A beautiful clear frosty morning. William went over the river. Jim Tilas came to cut out and make Pa blanket coat. Oilie McGill and Mrs. Susan McGill came over with Little Mary in the evening. Was at work putting new sleeves in dress. She went to town and bought out Lewis (ILLEGIBLE) clothing. It clouded up again in the evening. (ILLEGIBLE) January 24th - Wednesday Pleasant morning, some clouds. Pa went to Rodney. I went to take William over to Mr. ______________ after dinner and from there (ILLEGIBLE). January 25th - Thursday Pa went to Rodney and returned in the evening. January 26th - Friday A cold clear morning (ILLEGIBLE). [End of page 5]



Mr. John Murdock called here. January 27th - Saturday I went to church at The Little Church and heard Mr. Newsom (?) preach from Genesis 15, Chapter II. William came home from over the river. The "Sons of Temperance" met. Mr. Newsom staid all night. January 28th - Sunday Went to church to the College with William and heard Mr. Chamberlain preach from Proverbs, Chapter and Verse. Oilie and Jennie came home with us and dined. Pa went to Cane Ridge and heard Mr. S. January 29th - Monday A cloudy, rainy morning. William went over the river. Sewed a ____________________ handkerchief for W. and commenced a sack. Pa went to Rodney in the evening. Some planting and working in the (ILLEGIBLE). January 30th - Tuesday Clouds and sunshine. The waggun went to Rodney. Warren took a horse down for Duncan to ride out. We sent some shirts for Willie. Had a call from Mrs. Black and her daughter, Mary. Not very well today. Had something of a chill. Received a letter from M. Clifton. January 31st - Wednesday Cloudy in the morning and a little rain. Ma, Duncan and [End of Page 6]


myself went over to Aunt McGill's. Took Willie and spent the day. Dr. Jones there for dinner. Saw S. Daniels and lady and Mrs. Buckner. February 1st - Thursday Clear day. Mr. Basset called here, was fixing Ma dress. Had a call from Mrs. _____ C. Chamberlain and Alice. Mr. Drake and Mr. New came for supper and sta id all night. Dun went home in the morn. February 2nd - Friday Clear and warm in the morning. Mr. D. and N. went away before breakfast. Clouded up and some rain before dinner. Pa went to R. William and he came home to dinner. William and I went over to James Watson's. Saw Mr. Faba__________ (?) and the portraits of the family he was taking. Met C. Chamberlain. February 3rd - Saturday Cloudy. William went to Rodney, came home to dinner. Pa went out to Mr. Wests. James ______________ took supper here. Rained about dark. February 4th - Sunday Went to church to Bethel. Heard Mr. New preach from (ILLEGIBLE). Rained very hard after and turned cold. February 5th - Monday Clear and cold. William went to Rodney. Came home to dinner. Dudley came back. Heard that the Cholera had broken out at the Island Place and Dr. Jones had gone over there. The baby was not well. [End of Page 7]


William subscribed for Grahams magazine today. February 6th - Tuesday William went over the river. Pa went to Rodney. Susan McGill came over in the morning and spent a while. The baby was better. February 7th - Wednesday Sunshine in the forenoon, cloudy after dinner. At work on a shirt for the baby. Gus and Oilie called here in the evening. February 8th - Thursday Cloudy and threatening rain. Commenced working on shirt for Duncan. Ma at work in the garden, set out woodbine in the yard. William came home from over the river, not very well. Gus and Oilie called here in the evening. February 9th - Friday Rainy. At home all day with a severe headache. Saw William put up a frame for the woodbine. Dudley went home. Answered Mr. C's letter. February 10th - Saturday Cloudy and rain in the morning. William and Pa went to Rodney. The waggun went down. Sent Warren down with a hat. Ma and Eddy went to church at The Little Church, brought the preacher, Mr. Moss, home with them for dinner. Went away in the evening. Pa went to Temperance and from there to [End of page 8]


Uncle Silas on his way to Mr. Drake's. Ma went over to Mrs. _________________. February 11th - Sunday Cloudy and threatening rain. William complaining. A very rainy evening. February 12th - Monday Clear and cold. William went _________________________________. Duncan at Rodney, sent his horse back by Warren and went over in the raft. Peg came out and __________________ the evening. In the afternoon Mrs. Tullis,Miss S., Mr. E. S. Watson were here and took supper. Pa came home from Mr. Drake's. February 13th - Tuesday Clear and quite a frost. Aunt McGill came over and spent the day in the afternoon. Tennie came over. Mrs. Chamberlain called. Ma and Aunt M. went to call on Mrs. Severe. February 14th - Wednesday A clear and cold day. Went over to Aunt Me in morn, back and from there down to Rodney in the evening with Ma and Tennie, and did some shopping for Ma. Got a black silk dress and the trim- mings for it, some shoes and stockings. Called on Mrs. Broughton. Saw several friends in town. The river very high. Heard the Cholera was there. Came out and dined at Aunt Me with W. Jones. Aunt Me and Oilie came over home [End of Page 9]


with me. Ma and they went to James Watsons and took supper. There was quite a blow up after dark and turned quite cold. February 15th - Thursday Very cold and cloudy, snowing nearly all day. Finished a shirt for Dun. February 16th - Friday Cloudy, sun shone out and the snow nearly all thawed. Made a collar and cut out the rest of the shirt. Ma finished ________________. Dudley went home. Dr. Jones and Mrs. ______________________________________. February 17th - Saturday A very cold day. Was at work on D's shirt and Pa went to Uncle B (ILLEGIBLE). February 18th - Sunday Clear and cold. At home all day. Pa went to Rodney to hear Mr. New preach. February 19th - Monday Clear and cold. William went over the river. Warren brought his horse back. At work on D's shirt. Received a letter from Aunt M. Coleman. Scott came back to board. February 20th - Tuesday Cloudy and windy. Finished D's shirt. Cut out some [End of Page 10]


aprons for Willie. Helped Ma to iron some shirts. Dudley came back. Pa went to Rodney. I went over to Mr. Severe to have my tooth examined. Tennie came back with me. Ma had a chase after some of the boys who were chicken stealing. February 21st - Wednesday Cloudy and warm in the morning. Cleared off in the evening. Went to Aunt M, took dinner. Saw Dr. M. there, also James Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Eagen. Duncan came over from the river and took supper at Aunt Mc's and then we came home. February 22nd - Thursday Clear and warm. Pa and Eddy went to Fayette. Duncan went over the river. Warren brought his horse back. Sue McGill came over and spent the day and we cut out two dresses for Ma. February 23rd - Friday Clear and warm. At work on D' s shirt part of day. Tom West came here for dinner and remained all night. Pa went to Rodney and he and William came home to dinner. Sue and Tennie came over to take supper. Heard of Dr. Bailles' death who died 11th. Ma went fixing upstairs. February 24th - Saturday Clear. William went to Rodney. Pa, Ma and Eddy [End of Page 11]


went to The Little Church. Cousin Turner and David Snodgrass came home with them to dinner. W. and I went over to Aunt McGill's and took supper. February 25th - Sunday Clear. Went to church at the College. Heard Mr. Mayes preach from Luke. After dinner William went over to J. W. February 26th - Monday At home all day. Clear and pleasant. At work on Ma's dress. William went over the river. Ma went over to Aunt Me. Smith Daniels called, also Mr. Stevens. Set a guage today. February 27th - Tuesday Went with Oilie over to Cousin R. Turner's. Had quite a pleasant day. Mrs. Snodgrass and T. Griffin came in after dinner. Stopped at Uncle G's on the way back. Pa Old Simon came over and brought us some fish. Set a guage. February 28th - Wednesday Clear. Had Mrs. L. and Mrs. J. M. Watson here to spend the day. Mr. Drake, Dr. _________________ came in to dinner. March 1st - Thursday A pleasant day. At work on some of Ma's dresses. Mr. Turner called. Pa went to Mr. James Snodgrass. Picked ______________________. Oilie came in at nine o'clock and staid all night. [End of Page 12]


March 2nd - Friday Clear and pleasant. Oilie here making Ma a cap. William came home from over the river. Simon brought some venison. March 3rd - Saturday William went to Rodney. Reports the river falling. Aunt McGill and Sue came over and took tea. Mr. Frost was here. March 4th - Sunday William went to Fellowship, Pa to Rodney. Neither home to dinner. The rest of us at home all day. March 5th - Monday Clear. William went over the river. At work on Ma's dress. March 6th - Tuesday Clear in the morning and cloudy and a little rain in the evening. Lue came over for Ma to ___________________ and look at Aunt's likeness. Went with Lue and Oilie to Dr. Chamberlain's and saw Mary and Ellen who had just got home a few days. Several others called while there. March 7th - Wednesday Raining, cleared off a little in the evening. Oilie came over and staid all night. March 8th - Thursday Oilie trimmed a cap for Ma, went home to dinner. Pa went to Rodney, William came home to [End of Page 13]


dinner from over the river. We went over to the Temperance lecture by Mr. Hutchinson. Received G. magazine. March 9th - Friday Clear and cloudy. At work on a skirt for Ma. William went with me and took Willie over to James Watson's. March 10th - Saturday Cloudy in the morning, cleared off by dinner. Went over to Aunt McGill's. Left Willie and got Tennie to go to Rodney with me. Pa and William went down for some shopping and made two calls, one at Mr. Wilson's and Mr. Broughton. Returned to dinner to Aunt. Made a call on Mrs. Hutchinson, not at home. March 11th - Sunday Clear. At home all day and William went to church at Cane Ridge. Took dinner at Dr. Jones, came home before sundown. Pa, Ma and Eddy went over to Aunt McGill to prayer meeting. March 12th - Monday Duncan came from across the river. William went over after dinner. Duncan went over to Aunt Me and took supper. I at work on some collar. Cut out a dress for Peg. Received a letter from Mr. C. March 13th - Tuesday Cloudy. Duncan went to Rodney. Dr. Jones came home with him and took dinner. Saw Duncan fixing [End of page 14]


the tack on the carpet. Rained after dinner. Not very well. March 14th - Wednesday Foggy. Cleared off after breakfast. Ma and Duncan went down to Rodney to take "The Worth" and go down to Terra Bonna. Wrote to Campbell. March 15th - Thursday Clear. Had a call from A. C. Watson. The waggun went to Rodney. At work on a shirt for William. March 16th - Friday Clear. At work on some dresses for Willie. A strange gentle- man called. Pa went to Rodney after dinner. Mrs.Tullis and Mrs. Evans came to supper. Mr. Stevens called. March 17th - Saturday Cloudy and threatening rain. At work on Willie's clothes. Went over to Mrs. James Watson after dinner and saw Mrs.Tullis and Mr. and Mrs. G. Hunt. Staid all night. William came home from over the river and I not at home. March 18th - Sunday At Mr. James Watson's. William came over before breakfast. Went over the river again. Went up to Fellowship to hear Mr. Cage preach Dr. Bailles' funeral from First Corinthians, 7, 29-31. Took dinner at Dr. Jones. Dr. Maddox came over and brought the children. Went down to the graveyard, brought Ida down [End of Page 15]


to James Watson's. Took supper, then returned home. Very bad headache. March 19th - Monday Clear. William one year old. Had Mrs.Tullis and 0. McGill to dinner. Mr. called. March 20th - Tuesday Clouds and sunshine. At work on a shirt for W. Pa went to Rodney, heard that the Cholera was very bad in N.O. again. March 21st - Wednesday Cloudy. Appearance of rain in the evening. Went over to Aunt Me on horseback with Willie. Saw Liz Whitney, also the portraits that Mr. Faveler was taking. Cleared off quite cold. Oilie returned home with me, staid all night. Set a hen on turkey eggs. March 22nd - Thursday Clear and frost. Oilie went home after breakfast. Pa went to Rodney. William came home from over the river. March 23rd - Friday Clear. William went over the river and Pa, Lizzy Whitney came to supper and staid all night. March 24th - Saturday Liz went away after breakfast. Marian Turner called and brought some eggs. Pa went to The Little Church. I was fixing the room upstairs in the morning, in the evening [End of Page 16]


doing some fixing to a dress. Saw Ginda set out the vegetable ____________________. Sent Warren over for the squirrel cage. Dudley went to town. Dr. Jones called at the gate with another gentleman. Pa went to the Tem- perance Meeting. Mr. Frost took supper. Rained at night. March 25th - Sunday Clear and cool, quite windy. At home all day. Eddy and Dud went to church at College. Took a walk after dinner. Mr. Garvin called and took supper. March 26th - Monday At work cleaning up the house. Sue and Oilie called over. Mr. Garvin commenced work on the carriage house. Ma, Duncan and Margaret got home from Terra Bonna. They were married on the 22nd. Aunt Me, Oilie and Tennie called in the evening. March 27th - Tuesday Clear. Went over to Aunt Me with Ma, D. and M. and spent the day. Had a very bad headache. March 28th - Wednesday Cloudy. Went with D. and M. to Uncle S. Coleman, spent the day. Something of a headache. Returned home to supper. Found Mrs. Severe here. Mr. Hoffa called. March 29th - Thursday Cloudy. At home all day. Duncan went to R. [End of Page 17]


D. and M. went to Mr. Hutch inson's to a party, came in after dark. March 30th - Friday Raining in the morning. Duncan went over the river after dinner. March 31st - Saturday Clear. Pa went to Rodney. He and William came home to dinner. Mrs. Page of Rodney was buried today. Mr. _________________ and Mr. Severe called. We took a walk to the ______________________ and graveyard. April 1st - Sunday Clear. Went to R. to church. Stopped at Mr. B. a while. Heard Mr. New from Ecele., 8.1. Returned to dinner. Received a letter from L. B. Had headache. April 2nd - Monday Clear. Went to R. with W. and Dudley. Did some shopping. Mr. Black and Chamberlain, Miss Moseley, Miss M. Black and R. Price called. Aunt ___________ and G. Bledso came out from Natchez to attend the commencement. Took a walk before supper. Went over to the Chappel, heard an address from D. Snodgrass. Saw G. S. and his bride who were married the 7th of March. Duncan came over the river. April 3rd - Tuesday A clear day. At home. Aunt Mc and S. called to see Aunt Ed. After they left Duncan drove Aunt E. and the girls over to Uncle Billys. margaret and I made cakes. Dr. Jones came and brought Anna. We got ready to go over to hear the Temperance but it rained. [End of Page 18]


April 4th - Wednesday Some clouds. Pheba and Georgie came over from Aunt Mc. We went over to hear Mr. Stratten preach the annual sermon from "The Father Of Lights In Whom There Is No Variableness Nor Ever Shadows of Turning." Returned to dinner, then went over to hear an address to the Societies by Mr. V. King here to supper. William came from over the river. After supper we went over to hear Juniors Exhibition. Aunt E. came from Uncle B. April 5th - Thursday Went over to hear the address of the graduates. C. Briscoe delivered the Valedictory. Heard an address from D. Ker, W. Harper. Saw several old acquaintances. Returned to dinner. Mr. Drake, Mr. New, Uncle Silas, and several others dined with us. After tea we went over to Aunt Mc. Aunt E. and the girls remained all night. When we started home the horses were rather unruly. Anna Jones went home. April 6th - Friday Aunt E. and the girls came over from Aunt Mc and made preparations to go down on the "Princess." Mr. Drake and his daughter called on their way down home. We lent them a horse as his was injured and not able to take them home. Duncan and M. made some calls. I then went with them over to Aunt Mc where we met G. Hunt and Lady S. Snodgrass and Lady S. Williams, W. Balfour, D. Snodgrass, Cousin Betty. D. S. and James Me came over and per- suaded Aunt E. to give up her trip home until next day, and got the girls to go [End of Page 19]


to dinner. T. Markham and T. Snodgrass came in after dinner. Mr. Hoffa to supper. We returned home after supper. Miss Harrison, Miss Tullis and Evans called while we were gone. William went over the river in the morn. April 7th - Saturday Aunt E. Dixon left for home. Went down to Rodney in our carriage. We went to The Little Church, heard Mr. Mayes preach. The subject death and the judgment. Returned to dinner, Mr. M. with us. Duncan went to Rodney. Dr. Griffin, his lady, Mrs. W. Griffin, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Falk, Mrs. May Griffin called. Heard of Mr. Carkins death. April 8th - Sunday Clear. At home. Took a walk down to Mr. Griffins. Pa went to Cane Ridge. April 9th - Monday Clear. At work on W. shirt. Margaret and I called on Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Black and Mr. Black. William came home. He not very well, something like the Cholera. Duncan went over the river. April 10th - Tuesday Clear. Quite sick all day. Aunt Me, Sue and Liz called. L. stayed all night. Pa and William went to Rodney. April 11th - Wednesday Still a little sick. Liz went home. Duncan came home. April 12th - Thursday William went over the river. Pa went to Rodney. Ma diped candles. Alice called in the evening. Scottie came back. April 13th - Friday W. and Pa started for A. Went with D. and M. to call on [End of Page 20]


Returned to dinner. Clouded up some, rain about dark. April 14th - Saturday Duncan and Margaret went out to Fayette. William came home from over the river. Went down to Aunt McGills, took supper there. Saw Professor Chamberlain there. April 15th - Sunday At home all day. Very cold, cloudy. D. came back from Fayette. James McGill called in the evening. Not very well. April 16th - Monday Clear and quite a frost that killed most of the cotton and corn. D. and William went over the river. W. came back. Ma went to Aunt Mcs. April 17-th - Tuesday Clear and cold. Not well. Had symptoms of Cholera. Went over to Aunt Me. W. went to town, saw James Me who had just back from Natchez. Saw also G. W. Ellen __________________ daughter was home. April 18th - Wednesday Clear. Not well. Mrs. _______________ and Mistress Girlus called. Ma went to call on Ellen and Mrs. Griffin. April 19th - Thursday Quite cold. Better but throat quite sore. Went down with W. to Rodney. He went over the river. I came over, called at Aunt Mc. Going __________________________. Called on Mrs. Bane. Saw Miss F. Hooks. [End of Page 21]


Did some shopping. Went out to Fayette with Duncan. Stayed at J. Whitney. First time I left Willie all night. April 20th - Friday Was at J. Whitney. D. and Margaret came there for dinner. We came on home. Stopped at Dr. Jones. Got home by sundown. Throat still sore. April 21st - Saturday At home. Duncan went down to Rodney, returned to dinner with Dr. Maddox. Ma and Eddy went to church at Little C. I commenced my dress. William came home. April 22nd - Sunday Went out to L. C. Watsons with William. Saw Mrs. Wrick. April 23rd - Monday Came home from L. C. W. Took dinner at Dr. Jones. Received a letter from T. Campbell. April 24th - Tuesday At home at work on my dress. Some rain. April 25th - Wednesday Went with Margaret over to Aunt Me and spent the day. William went over the river. We heard from Pa. Mrs. S. Watson and Evans called. April 26th - Thursday At home at work on my dress. April 27th - Friday Finished my dress. Did some jobs. S. and Me and Griffin took dinner. Duncan went over the river. Heard that the levee had broke. April 28th - Saturday Called at ______________________. [End of Page 22]


William came home from over the river. Went fishing after dinner. Oilie came over and took supper. April 29th - Sunday William went to J. W. William and I went over and took supper at Aunt Me. Took ____________________ through mistake. April 30th - Monday At home, not very well from the effects of laudnum. Mrs. Hawkins called. G. Snodgrass and lady also. William went to Rodney. Got a letter from Pa. Ma went to Aunt Me and took Willie. May 1st - Tuesday Four new boys came in to board. Margaret and I making cake. William went to Rodney. Duncan came over. He and Dudley went to J. W. May 2nd - Wednesday Margaret and I went over to Aunt Me and iced some cakes. Came home and got ready and went over at dark to see Oilie and Gus married. May 3rd - Thursday Mr. Jack Watson here all night and breakfast. William started ________________________. D. went to Rodney. Quite a storm and rain, some hail. May 4th - Friday More rain. Knitting all day. May 5th - Saturday Rain again. Sue and Tennie called. M., D. and I took supper at Aunt Me. Found Mr. Jones here. May 6th - Sunday Went to church at "Fellowship". Heard Mr. Eagen preach from Thesolonians 3, 1.2. Some rain. Came home to dinner. Mrs. Hawkins called. [End of Page 23]


May 7th - Monday More rain. At work on washing. D. and M. went to Uncle B. G. Aunt Me, Oilie and Gus called. Mrs. D. Snodgrass and her son here. William came home from ______________________. May 8th - Tuesday More rain. Saw Duncan making a box for the ___________________. W. and D. went to Rodney. May 9th - Wednesday William went to Rodney. Received a letter from L. Goff. May 10th - Thursday William went over the river. I went to R. Oilie and Sue called. Cleared off. May 11th - Friday Clear and cool. Duncan and Margaret over the river. We went with them. William came from over. May 12th - Saturday Clear. At work mending clothes. Gus, Oilie and Sue called. May 13th - Sunday Went to church with William to Bethel. Heard Mr. Stevens preach. Returned to dinner. Took a walk in the evening. Pa came home from Arkansas after dark. May 14th - Monday Some appearance of rain. Four more boys came in to board. William went to R. Pa quite sick. Sent for Dr. Williams. May 15th - Tuesday Cloudy and threatening rain. Pa still somewhat sick. James McGill called. William corn planting. [End of Page 24]



May 16th - Wednesday Ma came home from over the river. Mrs. Chamberlain and Ellen Highland called. William quite sick. Sent for Dr. E. to see him. So much worse after __________________ that we sent for Dr. Jones. A very ______________________. Mr. Frost stopped in out of the rain. May 17th - Thursday Dr. Jones here. William something better. Pa went to meet the Trustees. James Watson came home with him to dinner and went home after dinner. James Me called. May 18th - Friday Clear. William better. Cut out a shirt for him. Me came over and took supper. May 19th - Saturday Took a ride before breakfast. William went to Rodney. Ma and Eddy went to Mr. Rabbs and Aunt Me. I called at Dr. C. to bid E. Highland goodbye. Saw William there who had fits. May 21st - Monday William went over the river. Made plum jelly. May 22nd - Tuesday At work on W. shirt. W. came from over the river. F. Smith married. May 23rd - Wednesday William went to Rodney. Ma cut out Eddys coat. May 24th - Thursday Went to L. C. Watsons. William sick that night. L. C. and I awake with him nearly all night. It rained in the evening. [End of Page 25]


May 25th - Friday More rain. William still sick. May 26th - Saturday Still raining. William better. May 27th - Sunday More rain. At L. C. Cleared off in the evening. May 28th - Monday Clear and cool. Home from L. C. Watsons. After breakfast took (ILLEGIBLE) May 29th - Tuesday ___________________ called on his way to and from (ILLEGIBLE). June 1st - Friday Went with Sue McGill and William to spend the day at G. Hunts. June 2nd - Saturday At home. William and Pa went to Rodney and Eddy, Duncan and Margaret came. June 3rd - Sunday At home. Duncan and Margaret visited to the College, to church. June 4th - Monday Rain. At home all day. Worked Eddys shirt. June 5th - Tuesday ILLEGIBLE [End of Page 26]


June 6th - Wednesday At home in the morning. Went to Mr. T. Watson and took supper. June 7th At home. D. and William went to Rodney. W. went to Dr. J. D. and M. went over to William Griffins. E. Moseley called. June 8th - Friday D. and M. went home. At home. June 9th - Saturday Went to church at The Little Church. heard Mr. Morse. Mr. New was here to dinner, and COusin P. Coleman and Sue came and spent the evening. Mrs. rabb called. June 10th - Sunday. At home. Pa and William went to Rodney to church. June 11th - Monday We went over the river. Quite _____________________. June 12th - Tuesday Over the river. William and the rest went out driving. June 13th - Wednesday Over the river. W. went out again and killed a deer after dinner. We went down to Mrs. Lee and then came home. June 14th - Thursday At work fixing Willies bed. Made cake and L. Gerley called. June 15th - Friday Finished Willies mattress. Pa and William went to T. Watsons. June 16th - Saturday Clear and warm. Finished altering my ___________________________. W. and I took supper at Aunt Me. June 17th - Sunday Went to Fellowship to church, heard Mr. Eagen preach. Took dinner at Dr. Jones with G. and 0. Watson. [End of Page 27]


Took supper at Hunts, saw G. Williams. June 18th - Monday William went over the river. Mr. Moseley called on Mrs. T. Coleman at Mrs. Griffin. Some little rain. June 19th - Tuesday At home altering my dresses. Sue and Tennie called and took supper. June 20th - Wednesday At home finishing my _______________. June 21st - Thursday Cut out a cape and made it. William came home. June 22nd - Friday Made cakes, starched and ironed some things. Put the lace on my cape. Gus and Oilie called and took supper. Mrs. Newsom came and staid all night. June 23rd - Saturday At home. Willie not very well. Ma, Pa and Eddy went to the Little Church. Heard L. C. Watson was very sick. William went up there. June 24th - Sunday At home. Ma, Pa and E. went to R. to church. William came home from L. C. W. Not very well. Rode to Aunt Mc. June 25th - Monday G. Hunt and Lady, G. Watson and Lady called. William went to Rodney. James McGill called. Heard of Mrs. P. Barnes death. June 26th - Tuesday At home. W. went over the river. Willie still not well. June 27th - Wednesday Went down to Rodney, did some shopping. Took dinner at Aunt Mc. June 28th - Thursday Ma went with Aunt Me down to see Uncle S. Coleman. William came home from over the river. Rebecca Scott was buried today. June 29th - Friday Was at work on my dress. June 30th - Saturday Starched and ironed my dress. William went to Rodney. [End of Page 28]


July 1st - Sunday At home. William started to L. C. W. Went as far as Dr. Jones and came back. Took a ride. James McGill called. July 2nd - Monday Finished my dress. Cousin Betty spent the day. William went and came from over the river. Pa went to R. and Uncle S. C. July 3rd - Tuesday William went to R. D. and Margaret came over. D. sick. W. and I went over to Gus Watson to see Martha Tullis. Gus and Oilie called. July 4th - Wednesday Attended the celebration of the 4th at the College. Liz W., Martha T. and E. McDonald and _______________ Frisby came home with us. John McGill and Lady came. July 5th - Thursday At home. William went over the river. Eddy sick. July 6th - Friday At home. Willie and Eddy quite sick. The two Sues McGill called. July 7th - Saturday Eddy and Willie better. Duncan went to Rodney. William came home. July 8th - Sunday At home. William and Duncan went up to Dr. Jones. William got stung with wasps. Margaret and I took a walk. Betty sick. July 9th - Monday William went over the river, sent a letter to Louise Goff. Mrs. Richerson and Mrs. Moseley called. Gus and Oilie and Sue came to take dinner. Mr. Duncan came over and put his servant woman, Sarah, here to stay. July 10th - Tuesday Margaret and Duncan went over home. Eddy drove me over to Aunt McGills. We spent the day. July 11th - Wednesday Cut out three slips for Willie and made two. Rained today. William came home. [End of page 29]


July 12th - Thursday At home. Made a slip for Willie. Raini. July 13th - Friday At home. At work on Ma's dress. William went to Rodney. Rain. July 14th - Saturday Finished Ma's dress. William went to Rodney. Rain. July 15th - Sunday Pa went to Cane Ridge. At home. Rain. July 16th - Monday Cleared off. At work on my skirt. Received my _____________. July 17th - Tuesday Clear. Sue and Aunt McGill came and spent the morning. William went over the river. Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Gibson and Mr. Griffin called in the evening. July 18th - Wednesday Cut out Eddys shirt. Cloudy about dark, some rain. July 19th - Thursday Rain. Willie quite sick. William came home. Pa went to Rodney. July 20th - Friday Rain. Finished Eddys bosum . Willie better. July 21st - Saturday Rain all day. Not very well. July 22nd - Sunday Pa and William went to Rodney to church. July 23rd - Monday At home. W. went to Rodney. Ma (ILLEGIBLE) July 24th - Tuesday William went over the river. At work on Eddys shirt. July 25th - Wednesday At home. William came home from over the river. July 26th - Thursday William went to Rodney. J. M. W. and family went to the Well. [End of Page 30]


July 27th - Friday Went up to Dr. Jones. Saw Mr. Nichols and Lady, Miss Davis. Went over to Dr. Maddox. Came home to supper. Pa started to Belle Grove. July 28th - Saturday William went to Rodney. Ann Hunts child born. Gus and Oilie took supper. July 29th - Sunday At home. Pa came home. July 30th - Monday William and Pa went over the river. I went down to Mr. G. Hunts. Commenced to wean Willie. Ann quite smart. Quite a rain. July 31st - Tuesday At Mr. G. Hunts. Rained pretty much all day. Went to the creek to try to cross but it was swimming. August 1st - Wednesday Came home from Mr. Hunts. Met William coming after me. Did some shopping in Rodney. Called at Aunt Me. Concluded to go to the Bay. August 2nd - Thursday At home preparing my clothes. Three gentlemen called. Mr. McNair called. G. Watson was here. August 3rd - Friday Pa and Eddy went to Cane Ridge to church. William went to Rodney. All ready to go to the Bay. [End of Page 31]


August 19th - Sunday At home again. Pa and William went to Rodney to church and W. went on across the river. Margaret and I went to Bethel to church, heard Mr. Stratten preach. Came home to dinner. Not very well. August 20th - Monday At home. Not well myself. Willie quite sick. Gave him Laudnum through mistake. At work on my sack. Duncan went over the river and back. Sue and John McGill called. August 21st - Tuesday Willie better. Finished my sack. Quite a storm in the evening. August 22nd - Wednesday Spent the day at Aunt McGills. Mr. Becks dined there. The two Sues and Tennie came home with me. August 23rd - Thursday Ma, Dune. and Marg. went down to Aunt R. Jones. Pa went to Rodney. Mrs. Rabb was here. William came home. August 24th - Friday At home. At work on a dress of A. Hunts boy. Mr. Newsom came and staid all night. Willie very fretful with his mouth. August 25th - Saturday William went to Rodney. Pa and Eddy and Mr. N. to church at The Little Church. Willie still fretful. Ma, D. and M. [End of Page 32]


came home. Oilie and Gus and Little Mary came. August 26th - Sunday At home all day. William went to Cane Ridge to church. Took dinner at Dr. Jones. Ma and Pa went to class. August 27th - Monday William went over the river. D., M. and I went and spent the day at Aunt R. Turners. Eddy shot _________________ and Mr. Frisby wanted to kill ______________. D. went up and took Dr. Jones and took dinner and agreed to go up there and stay all night and go to the springs next day, but gave it out until next day. August 28th - Tuesday At home at work on Duncans shirt. James and John McGill were over here two or three times in the morning and Pa agreed to go down that evening on "The Natchez" to Vidalia. Marg. and I took a walk to get some muscadines. The carpenter commenced work on the dining room. August 29th - Wednesday Finished Ds shirt. Duncan came back from the spring. Rained all the evening. August 30th - Thursday Duncan and M. were to go over the river but it rained. I went and left M. Pa came back from Vidalia. Went up to ____________ and came back home that night. M., Eddy and I took a ride out to the C tree. August 31st - Friday Finished quilting my shirt. Would have went to J Ws but [End of Page 33]


it rained. Pa went to Port Gibson. Mattingly came to have the plastering made. September 1st - Saturday Quite cool and drizzling of rain. Pa got home before break- fast, then went to Rodney. Made Willie a coat. Newton took W. horse down and then went on over the river. W. came home. September 2nd - Sunday Cool and clear. Pa and Ma went to class and then Eddy and Pa to Rodney to church. William rode Willie out. Mrs. Rabbs little boy came over. September 3rd - Monday William went over the river. Pa went to Aunt McGills and then to Rodney and staid to the Temperance meeting. Duncan came over and made preparation to go to Madison. We thought of going but gave it out. Cut out some shirt bosums for Eddy. September 4th - Tuesday Duncan started to Madison. Pa went to Port Gibson. Sue McGill came over to get Ma to go to the spring. Ma went home with her. Willie cut his finger. Sent Eddy up and had Anna Jones brought down to go down to Mr. Hunts. Dudley came too. September 5th - Wednesday Anna Jones and I started for G. Hunts early. Stopped in Rodney. Mr. Murdock just got back. Mr. A. Hunts family just got back from the well. Got to Mr. Hunts. Found them at home and well. Took a walk down to the spring and got a cool [End of Page 34]


drink. Mr. Hunt went to Fayette that evening. We made some candy. Miss Hunt and Buckner called. September 6th - Thursday At Mr. Hunts. Some appearance of rain and I was afraid the creek would get up but it cleared off and we staid until after dinner. Mr. Hunt went home with his grandmother. On our way home we called at Uncle Silas and at Rodney and at Aunt Me. Was quite dark before we got home. Found Pa gone to Port Gibson. September 7th - Friday Dr. Jones and Pa came for dinner. We went over to J. Watsons. September 8th - Saturday We went to the Little Church, heard Mr. New preach from I Thes., 4.1. Mr. New and Mr. Mayes and Dr. Jones came home with us to dinner. Found William had got home from over the river. Anna Jones went home with Cousin Frank. Margaret and I went over to Aunt Me. September 9th - Sunday Pa went down to Mr. Drakes meeting. William went over the river. Margaret is sick. Perry Watson called. September II - Tuesday Margaret and I called at Mr. Griffins on Mrs. Coleman. We went to Mrs. Blacks and took Willie. Duncan got home from Madison. Pa got home from Natchez. September 12th - Wednesday Duncan went over the river. [End of Page 35]


Pa went to Rodney. Aunt Me, Sue, Oilie and Tennie came to spend the evening. September 13th - Thursday Margaret went over the river. William came over to meet her. Duncan was sick. Sue sent word she could not go to the grammer school. September 14th - Friday At home. Eddy went out to the examination. Looks like rain. September 15th - Saturday As the carriage was going down to be ___________________________ I went as far as Aunt Me and took Willie and spent the day. Saw them dying ____________________. William came from over the river and took dinner there. September 16th - Sunday Some rain in the morning. Went down to Rodney. Heard Mr. New preach Mrs.. Pintards funeral from the words "Weep not for she is not dead but sleepeth." Came home to dinner. Pa staid to evening service. Eddy went down to Uncle Silas and staid all night. Very hard rain in the evening. September 17th - Monday At home. William and Pa went to Rodney. Eddy came home from Uncle S. [End of Page 36]


September 18th - Tuesday Clear. William went over the river. Pa went to Israel Colemans. Finished Eddys second shirt. September 19th - Wednesday Pa went to Rodney. Dudley Jones came to dinner. Eddy and I got ready and went out to Dr. Jones on our way to the springs A very bad headache. September 20th - Thursday Got up very early and started to the springs. Had a very pleasant day there. Saw a good many of my old acquaintances. Got back to Dr. J. about dark. William came home. September 21st - Friday Had breakfast very early and started home. Met Pa and William going to Rodney. Some rain. September 22nd - Saturday Went down to Rodney, did some shopping. Heard Mr. Watkins preach. Came out to dinner and went and spent the evening at J. Watsons. September 23rd - Sunday Went to Rodney and heard Mr. Watkins preach. September 24th - Monday Making ready to go over the river. William went over the river. Pa went to Port Gibson. I went over to Aunt McGills. All were gone to Rodney. [End of Page 37]


September 25th - Tuesday Made ready and went over the river after dinner. Met with Miss Stampley crossing the river. Got here about sundown. Dun- can staid over the other side. Pa staid here. September 26th - Wednesday Pa went over home. Duncan came back on this side. William caught a fine fish. J. Watson called. September 27th - Thursday Nothing of interest. James Watson took dinner with us. Margaret was getting ready to go down home. September 28th - Friday Went down to the gin before breakfast and saw them pressing. Louis and Franke Watson took dinner with us. Duncan and Margaret got ready for the boat and expected her here at three but she did not come until dark, and we went down on board with them. Shipped eighteen bales and sold nine. September 29th - Saturday Raining. Newton came over. September 30th - Sunday Some rain. L. and M. Watson took dinner. Gave out the childrens clothes. Took a ride out to the school section. October l'st - Monday William went to St. Joseph. Was knitting. October 2nd - Tuesday William went over to Rodney. Cut out my dress and sack and made my sack. October 3rd - Wednesday Pa came over, took dinner and he and William went up to St. J. Pa went back home. Commenced my dress. [End of Page 38]


October 4th - Thursday William went out and killed a deer, sent some of it over to Rodney. October 5th - Friday James Watson came over and took dinner. Went down to the gin and saw them press. A very heavy cloud but not much rain. October 6th - Saturday Very cool and windy. James Watson called on his way over home. William went up to St. Joseph, shipped twenty bales on the "Magnolia". Went down to Mrs. Lees after dinner. Saw Mrs. Tobe Bass. Heard Miss D. Stampley was to be married on Thursday next. October 7th - Sunday Still cold. At home all day. Gave out the Negro clothes. Took a walk out to the river. October 8th - Monday Quite cold, a light frost. William went out hunting but did not kill anything. Jack Watson called and he and William went over to Rodney and did not get back until near dark. Mr. Jack Watson staid all night. Willie got a fall out of the rocking chair and got his nose hurt. At work on my dress. October 9th - Tuesday Mr. Jack Watson took breakfast and then went home. Clear and cool. Still at work on my dress. Mollie and Gus came to supper and staid all night. Willie very fretful after supper. October 10th - Wednesday Oilie and Gus took breakfast early and went over the river. Sent their horses back here. William went out hunting. Finished [End of Page 39]


my dress. Walked out to the river, saw two boats pass. Saw William fishing. Williams nightshirt finished. October 11th - Thursday Cut out some shirt busoms for Pa. William went down to the ferry landing. Simon took Gus and Oilies horses down. They and James McGill took dinner and went home. William went up to St. Joseph. Sent Old black Mule up to Mr. Davenport to look at. October 12th - Friday William quite sick. Felt very bad myself. G. Hunt and family and Clara Chamberlain took dinner and then went out to Gus Watsons. W. and I walked down to the gin. Went out to the leavy with Willie and saw two boats pass. Pa came and staid all night. October 13th - Saturday Cold. Had early breakfast for Pa to go to camp meeting at Waterproof. William better, he went down to the ferry landing to go over to Rodney but the boat did not cross. Went down to the gin and saw them grinding. Finished one busom and coller for Pa. October 14th - Sunday Very windy. William very sick all night, not able to be up much. I felt very bad myself. October 15th - Monday Rain all day. Had some of the women to spin for me. William took quinine all day and missed the chill. Caught the jar full of water. Not very well. [End of Page 40]


October 16th - Tuesday Cloudy. At work on Pa's shirt busoms. William went over to Rodney, had another chill. Had a letter from Duncan and answered. October 17th - Wednesday Had chill and was quite sick all day. Cut out the ______________ for the children and Simon. October 19th - Friday Still sick but missed the chill. William shipped thirty bales and sold twenty. October 20th - Saturday Was able to be up. George Hunt and family and C. C. stopped but as Anna was sick they did not stay long. William went out hunting with Mr. Tullis and they killed a deer. Took a ride down to where they were. Newton came over. October 21st - Sunday Cleared off after a shower in the night. Wrote a letter Mr. Newton went home. Took a walk out to the river. October 22nd - Monday At home at work on Pa's shirt. William went out hunting. T. Snodgrass called and got D. gun. W. went up to St. J. October 23rd - Tuesday William and T. Snodgrass went out hunting. T. S. took dinner and he and William went over to Rodney. Walked out to the leavy. Had headache. October 24th - Wednesday Finished Pa's shirt. W. went out hunting with Tullis and Corkin and killed a large buck, sent some over the river by Simon. Perry Watson called and got W. horse and went up to the old place and returned to supper and staid all night. Commenced Pa other shirt. [End of Page 41]


October 25th - Thursday Had a cup of coffy for P. Watson before day. William went • over to Rodney. Simon came back. Got a letter from Margaret. Eddy came over to stay with me while W. went to Richmond. W. went up to St. Joseph. Took a walk out to the river. Finished Pa's shirt. October 26th - Friday Had breakfast before day and W. started for R. Becky was sent for to Mr. Snodgrass. Eddy went out hunting and killed a squirrel. Commenced W.'s shirt. Walked down to the gin and saw them grinding and ditching. They commenced picking peas. October 27th - Saturday At work on W. shirt busom. W. away. Milly fell out of the smoke house and sprained her knee. Mad some cakes. Ed shot two buzzards. Took a walk out to the river and up the road to meet W. but he did not come until after supper. His horse badly foundered. October 28th - Sunday Rain until dinner, sun shown out in the evening. Ann B. cooking. Eddy went home after dinner. Mrs. Lee came up and took supper with us. October 29th - Monday Clear and windy. Finished W. busom. James Watson called. Mr. Tery also. October 30th - Tuesday Clear. William went to Rodney, got back to dinner. At work on W. shirt. October 31st - Wednesday G. Hunt called and took dinner. W. went down where they were laying off the levy. Finished W. shirt. Took a walk out to the river. [End of page 42]


November 1st - Thursday Duncan and Margaret got home, came up on the "Magnolia" about half past three in the morning. Margaret and I wiped off my oranges. Jack Watson called and took dinner. Saw Duncan plant sugar cane. Finished my stockings. Dune. went up to St. Joseph. November 2nd - Friday Commenced Willies socks. Made him some ruffels. D. went to St. Gus and Oilie called on the way over to the hills. Duncan went over too. They began to dig potatoes after dinner. M. and I walked out to the levy. The Princess came after dark and took twenty bales and sixteen cords of wood. November 3rd - Saturday Finished Willies sock. Willjam sick all day. Put a blister on him. Still digging potatoes. M. and I took a walk down the levy to meet D. but he did not come. November 4th - Sunday Got up and dressed W. blister. Was about the house all day reading. Duncan came over home, we took a walk out to the river. November 5th - Monday The day for the election. William went over to Rodney to vote and Duncan to St. I was stitching a band. D. came back to dinner. W. did not get back until after dinner. November 6th - Tuesday William went out hunting. Still stitching a band. Some appearance of rain. November 7th - Wednesday W. and D. went out hunting. I packed up all my things ready [End of Page 43]


to come home. I then commenced homing a ruff el. D. and W. came back to dinner but did not succeed in killing anything. Maggie and I took lunch of roast potatoes and butter and milk. Saw Duncan putting up some oranges in a bag to come over home. November 8th - Thursday Got up very early and had breakfast and got everything ready to go over home. Had considerable trouble with Willie to get him dressed and everything ready. Crossed the river and met Pa and Eddy in Rodney who were on their way to Natchez. Went down to Mr. Broughtons and did some shopping. Came out to dinner. Dr. Jones came to dinner. I was all that evening putting away my things. Went over to the potato patch and saw them diging. November 9th - Friday At home. Cut out Willies wrapper and nearly got it finished. Went over to the potato patch and saw them diging. Eddy got home from Natchez. November 10th - Saturday Finished Willies wrapper. Cut his draws to sleep in and finished them. Mr. Mayes and Brillen came to dinner. Mattingly finished platering the dining room. Some appearance of rain. William had all hands working to get in what potatoes they had dug. November 11th - Sunday A rainy day. William went over to James Watsons. November 12th - Monday Cut out Willies other draws and made them. Raining nearly all the morning. W. was putting up potatoes. Ma moved back in the dining room. [End of Page 44]


November 13th - Tuesday Made Willies other wrapper. William complaining and took medicine. He was tending to the potatoes. November 14th - Wednesday Was knitting all day. William went to Rodney. November 15th - Thursday Was fixing some of my dresses. W. went to Rodney. Eddy caught two coons. Saw Ma having the walls fixed. W. came back to dinner. Ma took Willie and went over to Aunt Me. Sent down for Pa who had been to N. 0. He got home after dark. William and I went out squirrel hunting and fished at the pond. Mrs. Foman of Rodney death. November 16th - Friday Was knitting in the morning until Oilie came over and then W. and I went over to James Watson and did not find her at home when we got there, but she came home to dinner. Mr. W. came while we were at dinner. Came on home and found Ma and Willie on the road. They had been to Mr. Griffins. Pa went to Port Gibson. Had headache. November 17th - Saturday Raining all the morning. Cleared off after dinner and William went over the river. Cut out a coat for Willie. Not very well. November 18th - Sunday Clear and cool. Pa went to Rodney to church and then on to Uncle Silas. Made a custard and sent to Mrs. Griffin. November 19th - Monday Cut out and commenced Willies coat. Pa got back from Natchez that night after dark. [End of Page 45]


November 20th - Tuesday Was at work on Willies coat. After dinner went to see Mrs. Griffin who was quite sick, and then to Mrs. Richerson. Pa started to Jackson. November 21st - Wednesday Did intend going to Cousin B. Turners but the weather looked too unfavorable. Finished Willies coat all but the buttons. November 22nd - Thursday A very rainy disagreeable day. William came home from over the river. November 23rd - Friday William went over the river and came back. Cloudy all day but no rain. I went over to Aunt McGills after dinner. Had very bad headache. November 24th - Saturday Went over to Mr. Griffins. Saw Mrs. B. Harrison. Mrs. Graves very sick. Had Dr. Wilson from Port Gibson and Dr. Williams of Rodney to see her. Saw Frank Griffin and his wife there. Dr. Chamberlain and Lady from there. Ma and I went in to the Little Church and heard Mr. Newsom preach. Saw Cousin R. Turner there. William went to Rodney. A very heavy rain after dinner. Pa got back from Jackson. November 25th - Sunday Clear and cold. Pa and William went to Bethel to church. I at home all day. William went over to J. Watsons after dinner November 26th - Monday Clear and cold. ~t home. Pa and William went to Port Gibson. November 27th - Tuesday Clear and pleasant. Ma and I went to Cousin R. Turners and took Willie. W. went to Rodney. Pa to Port Gibson. [End of Page 46]


November 28th - Wednesday William went over the river. Pa went to Rodney and waggun went down. Mrs. Chamberlain and Clira called. Had something of a chill. November 29th - Thursday Pa went to Port Gibson. I went over to see Mrs. Griffin. Saw Mrs. David Harrison and Susan Watson over there. Did up a cap for Ma. November 30th - Friday William came home, took quinine to keep off chill. December 1st - Saturday Rain all day pretty much. Dud. went home. Made some collers and cuff. December 2nd - Sunday Rain and very cold. Aunt McGill sent us some vegetable ' " ' '.' - we gathered ours. Ma went over to Aunt Me to stay with her all night. December 3rd - Monday Making ready to go to Natchez. Went over to see Mrs. Griffin. Saw Mrs. J. Harrison and Mrs. Gibson. William went to Rodney. Pa went to Port Gibson. December 4th - Tuesday Got up and had breakfast very early and went down to R. to meet the Natchez. Went down to the store of D & Murdock and then up to see Mrs. B. where I remained until the N came. Went on board and took dinner. Mrs. Bone came on. We got to Waterproof just before sundown. There Mrs. Smith and Mrs. L. Baker came on board. I went up to see Mrs. Bainard. We did not get to Natchez until two o'clock that night. [End of Page 47]


December 5th - Wednesday After breakfast we all left the boat and went up in town. We took Mrs. Bone to Mrs. Evans and we then went around to Aunt E. Dixons and staid a while and got _____________________ and went out to do some shopping. William went back to the boat and I went round to Mrs. Evans and had my dress cut out and then went to dinner. Saw Cousin John Jones and Mr. Jans an. William came back and we went out shopping. W. left us and went down to the boat. I called on Mrs. Fox and grandma Beaumont. Went back to Aunt D. to tea and then went to church. Went and staid all night at Aunt E. December 6th - Thursday Went to church at eleven. Took dinner at Mr. Earvins. Some little rain and blew up quite cold. Took tea at Aunt E. D. Went to church at night. Staid at E. D. December 7th - Friday After breakfast called at Aunt H. Harris, then went and staid with T. Campbell until eleven o'clock service. Took dinner at Aunt A. H. Went to church at three, then returned to Aunt E. D. and then called on Mrs. Baker. Then went and took supper with T. Campbell. After supper we went to church. Staid all night with T. Campbell. December 8th - Saturday After breakfast I went back to E. D., dressed for church. Took dinner there, did not go to church that evening. Called on Miss Shedder and Mrs. Bone and did some shoping. Took tea at C. Bleadsoe and went to [End of Page 48]


church. Staid all night at Aunt E. D. December 9th - Sunday Got up and found it raining but we went to church and heard Bishop Papers preach and saw the Elders ordained. Took dinner at Aunt A. Harris with Mrs. Booth and Miss Morehouse and Mr. Pearce. Went to church in the evening and heard Mr. Campbeil preach and saw the Deacons ordained. Took supper at Aunt A. Harris. Went to church at night. Raining so that I could not get back to Aunt E. D. but staid at Aunt A. H. with Pa and Mrs. and Mr . Booth. December 10th - Monday Raining, a very disagreeable day. William came for me and I had to go to Aunt E. D. and pack up my things in a great hurry and get ready to go down to the boat. We had a very wet muddy time getting on the boat. Found Mrs. Bainard and Mrs. Boman on board. We did not leave the landing until near dinner time. We did not get to Waterproof until after dark. We had sleet and rain nearly all day. At Waterproof three ladies got off. Mrs. Kent got off at her place and I was left alone. As it was so dark and wet and cold we did not get off at Rodney and we went on up to Hard Times. There Mrs. Williams came on board and saw Mr. Marshall. Mrs. Boyd got on board at Grand Gulf. We got to Rodney about eleven or twelve and found the carriage there and came on out here. Found all well. [End of page 49]


December 12th - Wednesday Quite cold at home. William went over the river. Pa had the old cow killed. December 13th - Thursday Cold wet and disagreeable. Finished little Betsy Broughtons gloves out and made some pants for Willie. Pa went down to Rodney with the waggun and had some things brought out that W. brought up from N. 0. December 14th - Friday Clear after dinner. Ma and Margaret went over to Aunt McGills after dinner. Margaret staid all night. Ma came home. I went over to see Mrs. Griffin and found her very low. Met Mrs. Moseley and Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Chamberlain and Mrs. Rabb there. Not very well. December 15th - Saturday Some rain. Eddy went over after Margaret and W. and E. Coleman came home with them. William came home from over the river. December 16th - Sunday Some little rain in the morning but it faired off and Margaret and I went to church at the College. Ma went as far as Mr. Griffins with us. W. went over to James Watsons. M. and I went there and took dinner and Mrs. Watson came back with us as far as Mr. G. and we called to see Mrs. G. who was very low. There were a good many ladies there. Ma and Margaret went over there again after supper to sit up with Mrs. G. I had a very bad headache. [End of Page 50]


December 17th - Monday William went over the river. Margaret and Ma came home before breakfast. It cleared off in the night, quite cold. Eddy and Margaret left for Fayette about ten o'clock. About eleven Mrs. Griffin died and they sent over for Ma. She went and staid until three and I went over with the intention of siting up but as they had other company I came home at nine o'clock. December 18th - Tuesday Went over to Mr. G. and Cousin R. and Betty came here. Attended Mrs. G. funeral and returned home to dinner. Had Cousin B. & B. and Mrs. Scott. Pa went out to Mr. D. Harrisons to the burial. December 19th - Wednesday At home. Mended a shirt for W. W. came home from over the river. December 20th - Thursday William went over to the sale at the Snodgrass place. I went over to see Mrs. Richerson. Called and saw the two Mrs. Harrisons at Mr. G. Pa went to Rodney. Scott Whitney and Cordin went home. December 21st - Friday At home. Clear and pleasant. W. went to the sale again. Eddy over to Aunt Me. She and Susan, John and the children and the little _________________ girls came over and took supper. December 22nd - Saturday At home. William went to Rodney. [End of Page 51]


December 23rd - Sunday Went to church at Fellowship, heard Mr. Eagen for the last time. _________________ took dinner at Dr. Jones and brought Anna home with me. We went by J. Watsons. Pa went to church to Cane Ridge. December 24th - Monday At home fixing a dress for Anna Jones. Pa and W. went to Port Gibson. Ed, Anna and I took a walk in the evening and got some evergreens. December 25th - Tuesday - Christmas Sent over to Aunt Me for the Coleman children and had them to spend the day. Alice Watson and Louisa Hutchinson came over here to take Anna Jones home with them, but she did not go. Willie was quite sick. W. went down to Rodney. Pa went over to Aunt Me to see the estate divided. December 26th - Wednesday At home all day. Finished Anna dress. The darkies had a dinner. We went to the pond fishing. Willie still sick. December 27th - Thursday W. went over the river. D. came over. We went over to the childrens party at J. Watsons. December 28th - Friday Dun. and Anna Jones went away. I felt quite bad. Willie something better. I went over, staid with Oilie all night and saw the darkies dance. [End of Page 52]



[Rest of diary is crossed out. Pages 53,54. No transcript for pages 55, 56.  Page 57 is the last page, and it appears to be a ledger sheet of some kind.]



[Journal of Anna McCall Watson]


Watson, Anna McCall


Sons of Temperance of North America


Journal of Watson's daily life, including weather, visitors, trips, household chores, and meetings of the Sons of Temperance. Members of the family travel to Vidalia, Natchez, Terra Bonna, and other locations.










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