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Steele’s Chapel Cemetery

near Hermanville (Claiborne County) Mississippi


Steele’s Chapel Cemetery, an abandoned and neglected cemetery nestled in thistle, is located just south of Hermanville, MS, on MS 28. Originally, the cemetery was recorded by Ben Mullins, the county forestery, who located and recorded most, if not all, the cemeteries in Claiborne County, MS. A complete listing of the cemeteries recorded by Mr. Mullins can be found at the reception center in Port Gibson, MS. A more recent visit to the cemetery revealed at least eighteen gravestones and a number of depressions, indicating the location of other graves.


Directions: (1) From Natchez Area: take US 61 to Port Gibson, turn right on MS 18 and continue for 7.1 miles. The cemetery is located approximately 500 yards on a ridge to the left of MS 18, directly across the mailing address “12002". Parking is available on the left at the house # 12403. (2) From points north: take MS 18 from Utica, MS, to Hermanville, MS. From the intersection of MS 18 amd MS 548 (in Hermanville), continue 1.3 miles to the 12403 address or 1.4 miles to the 12002 address. The cemetery is located on the right, up the embankment and approximately 500 yards down the ridge.


Recorded by Larry W. Little in March 2002.


Name                                      Date of Birth         Date of Death       Inscription [Transcriber’s   Notes]


Bryan, _______                   16 May 1889          22 Feb 1890           [Broken]; s/o R. A. and C. A. Bryan


Currie, Mary Etta                  22 Oct 1866            28 Oct 1872            d/o H. H. and J. E. Currie


Fife, Ruby Lucille                 23 Aug 1898          02 Apr 1908


Hemphill, Esther                   28 Sept 1861          19 May 1896

Hemphill, Florence J.           13 Feb 1841           25 May 1906          w/o Dr. J. W. Hemphill

Hemphill, J. W. Dr.               25 July 1825           06 May 1903          [h/o Florence J. Hemphill]


McVoy, W. J.                        24 Jan 1829            28 Aug 1889          [gravestone in fenced area]


Turnipseed, _______         12 Sept 1880          17 Aug 1883          [Broken; information lost]

Turnipseed, A[bram]           01 May 1802          11 Aug 1888          *; Joint stele; [h/o Mary (Lupo) Turnipseed]

Turnipseed, J. W.                 25 Mar 1867           19 Aug 1884          Stele; *; [h/o Malinda Turnipseed]

Turnipseed, Malinda           12 Feb 1880           01 Feb 1903           Stele; *; w/o W. F. Turnipseed

Turnipseed, Mary {Lupo]  04 June 1817          11 Aug 1897          *; Joint stele; [w/o Abram Turnipseed]


Weeks, ???                            [No Date]               [No Date]               Infant s/o J.S. and J.A. Weeks; [seconded fenced area]

Weeks, Bettie                       [No Date]               [No Date]               d/o D. T. and J. A. Weeks; [seconded fenced area]

Weeks, Cora Lamar                                              25 July 1901           “At Rest.”

Weeks, D. T.                         04 Aug 1820          03 Dec 1870           “S.T.K.S.H.T.W.S.” [letters in a circle].

Weeks, Edward                    [No Date]               [No Date]               s/o D. T. and J. A. Weeks; [seconded fenced area]

Weeks, Julia                          __ Sept 1841         __ Aug 1905


Symbols Used


*            joint gravestone                                         d/o           daughter of

w/o        wife of                                                       s/o           son of

h/o         husband of                                                [     ]        Transcriber’s notes


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