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Oakland College Cemetery

Copied April 3, 2003

By Annette and James Bowen


Enclosed in an iron fence are two graves. One is missing the part with the name and dates of the person buried there. The other is



Wife of Wm. Martin

Who departed life July 19, 1863

Aged 65 years


Next to the fence is a small obelisk with an inscription on each side.


Born Nov 26, 1882

Died Jan 13, 1883


Born Nov 26 1882

Died Dec. 21, 1882


Born Sep 7, 1880

Died Jan 9, 1881

Children of J W & Laura G. Martin

“These shall be mine saith the Lord in the day when I make up my jewels”


Behind the fenced plot are a number of graves belonging to the Chamberlain family.

Rev. Jeremiah  Chamberlain

Born in ????burg, Pa. Jan 6 AD 1795

Died Sept 5, 1851


“Brother”                                                  Rebecca Clarissa

James Chamberlain                                   Wife of Fabius H. Sleeper

Feb 16, 1805                                           Daughter of Jeremiah & Rebecca Chamberlain

Jan 2, 1839                                              Born June 16, 1827

                                                                Died Apr 5, 1857

Rebecca Chamberlain

Wife of Jeremiah Chamberlain       Isabella

Born Oct 29, 1792                                   Daughter of Jeremiah & Rebecca Chamberlain

Died Oct 12, 1836                                   & Wife of Wm S Hyland

                                                                 Died Feb 20, 1846 in 21st year of her age

Susan Ann Chamberlain

Eldest Daughter of

Jeremiah & Rebecca Chamberlain

Born Apr 16, 1820

Died Sept 14, 1834


John H. Savage MD                                         Francis Matilda

Born Salem Mass                                             Wife of Sam H. B. Black

Mar 10 1800                                                    Died Dec 25, 1844

Died in epidemic of Rodney                              Aged 26 years

Oct 6, 1848


These were partially buried and most were broken.


Mrs. Mary Ann Williams                                   James Franklin Ricks

Died in Rodney Mississippi                               A native of North Carolina

[couldn’t read date]

Frederick Mayo Ricks

Thomas G. Drake

Born Shelby Co. Tenn                                      Frances A. Denny

Feb 21, 1820                                                   Died June 3, 1863

Died Rodney Miss                                            Aged 57 years

Nov 21

[broken across date, couldn’t read year]


Kate Louise

Daughter of Rev. Jack & Katherine Doremus

Died Dec 3, 1866

Aged 14 yrs & 4 months


Henry S. Jr.

Son of H S & Hattie Reynolds Nichols

Born July 9, 1870

Died Aug 11, 1870

Aged 1 mo 2 da


Sacred to the memory of

James Allison

Native of Ayre  [broken]


Died at St. Joseph

Tensas Parish La

July 22, 1846

Aged 36 years

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