This cemetery’s earliest marked grave is in the early 1870’s.  The cemetery is located on the Brandywine Road in County District 5, across from the property of Robert Isaac (Ike) Price, a descendant of the Herlong family. 


Here is a picture from an old newspaper clipping ( Port Gibson Reveille from the 50's) of  the symbol used on many graves throughout Claiborne County, not necessarily Presbyterian.  The caption reads, "the familiar pointing hand motif associated with the steeple of the First Presbyterian Church of Port Gibson."

Such a motif (without the wreath) is found on the grave marker of David Herlong.







David Herlong

Husband of Mary Varnado Herlong

Apr. 4, 1789

Dec. 16, 1864

Born – Orangeburg, SC “An humble Christian ”

Mary Herlong

Wife of David Herlong


June 27, 1886

Born – Orangeburg, SC

Charles Tucker

Husband of Adeline Herlong

Nov. 12, 1815

Jan. 20, 1895


Adeline Tucker

Wife of Charles Tucker, dau. of Mary & David Herlong

Dec. 29, 1822

Sept. 5, 1878


Cyrus Tanksley

Husband of Mary

Dec. 17, 1824

Aug.17., 1888


Mary Tanksley

Wife of Cyrus

Jan. 16., 1891



Carrie M.

Wife of J. H. Nusom

Mar. 1,1869

May 5, 1892


Robert L.

Son of T. L. & A. M. McClure

Oct. 1, 1890

Oct. 6. 1890


Baron (Bryon) Lee McClure, Sr.

Husband of Bessie Hynum, son of Trya McClure & Missie Jones

Nov. 9, 1896

June 14, 1957


Clara Maud

Daughter of J. T. & M. O. McClure

May 2, 1897

Aug. 17, 1899


Byron Lee McClure, Jr.


June 29, 1927

Apr. 13, 1947


Thomas Jones McClure


Apr. 9, 1932

Apr. 9, 1932


Mary Olivia

Dau. of B. F. & A. E. Shannon

Mar. 23, 1898

Oct. 20, 1900


Forest A. (Andrew)Jordan

Son of Andrew J. Jordan &Rohelia Harrell

May 27, 1894

Nov. 25, 1957

WWI veteran

Henry Rohelia Harrell Jordan

Dau. of James Henry Harrell & Nancy Erwin

May 11, 1872

Oct. 13, 1963


Andrew Jackson Jordan


Oct. 29, 1866

Apr. 22, 1930


Iva Jackson

Son of A. J. & H. R. Jordan

June, 1903

Oct. 28, 1904



Son of B. K. & L. E. Jones

Apr. 20, 1880

May 17, 1880



Son of A. J. & H. R. Jordan

Nov. 8, 1897

Nov. 9, 1897


Leon L. Neal


Mar. 5, 1890

Apr. 22, 1900


Safronia S. Neal


Mar. 11, 1853

Dec. 11, 1897


Burton B.

Son of W. E. & Lucinda Baggett

June 19, 1860

Apr. 22, 1883

Killed in a cyclone

William H. Russum


Dec. 5, 1906

Feb. 1`9, 1913


P. W. H. Jordan


Aug. 13, 1838

July 20, 1897


Mrs. D. I. Jordan


Jan. 18, 1845

Oct. 16, 1905


Rosa Myrtice Rogers


Oct. 5, 1903

Sept. 20, 1905



Son of Mr. & Mrs. Wiley Hugh Rogers, Sr.

Aug. 5. 1911

Aug. 5, 1911


Robert L. Linton


Nov. 17, 1905

Jan. 22, 1933


Fannie A.

Wife of H. W. Clark

Nov. 8, 1870

Sept. 5, 1903


Sarah Price Holder


July 9,1857

Sept. 17, 1898



Dau. of W. & S. J. Holder

Dec. 1, 1884

May 23,1891



Daughter of G. W. & Colon Johnston

Apr. 17, 1868

Sept. 1, 1882


G. W. Johnston

(Hus. of Colon Brinson Holder, son of Jacob & Mary Gallatin Johnston )

Mar. 23, 1819

Feb. 9, 1901


Colon Johnston

(Wife of George Washington Johnston)

 June 9, 1837

Dec. 25, 1903


Thomas Morgan Harrington


Mar. 16, 1857

Nov. 8, 1901


Joel W. McClure


June 8, 1840

Dec. 27, 1886


Joel Edward

Son of J. W. & M. E. McClure

June 3, 1880

Oct. 3, 1881


Joyce Viola

Dau. of J. W. & M. E. McClure

Jan. 14, 1883

Sept. 3, 1884


James W. McClure


Sept. 15, 1869

May 1, 1890


Isaac Furr

(Son of Isham and Elizabeth Furr, husband of Nancy Thetford & Jennie Goza)

(Sept. 28, 1836)

(March 15, 1904)

Co. A, 36th Miss. Inf. CSA (Only notation on headstone.)

Ray Davis

Son of T. & A. M. Butler

Mar. 29, 1908

June 18, 1908


(Wiley) Bunyan Ebey

Husband of Bertha Jordan, son of Wm. M. Ebey & Mattie Partin

Oct. 29, 1901

Nov. 7, 1960


Walter A. Jordan


Dec. 20, 1892

Aug. 25, 1944


Rosa E.

Wife of W. A. Jordan

Dec. 6, 1877

June 28, 1941



Wife of Walter H. Russum

Feb. 15, 1881

Mar. 14, 1903



Dau. of W. H. & A. O. Russum



“My Baby”

no dates

Trena A. Jones

Wife of William A. Jones

Feb. 22, 1848

Feb. 10, 1928


W. A. Jones

Hus. of Trena A. Jones

Oct. 22, 1848

Sept. 19, 1882


Florence Estelle

Dau. of Wm. A. & Trena A. Jones

Aug. 11, 1868

Feb. 4, 1878


Etta Agusta

Dau. of B. K. Jones

June 19, 1873

Oct. 17, 1887


Charley Hayes

Son of B. K. & L. E. Jones

Nov. 18, 1877

May 17, 1880


B. K. Jones


July 24, 1848

Feb. 22, 1891


Eva Jane

Dau. of B. K. & L. E. Jones

Aug. 2, 1876

Sept. 9, 1877


A. A. Dey

Wife of B. K. Jones

Mar. 9, 1849

Aug. 11, 1874


Vincent Green Jones


Aug. 11, 1842

Aug. 23, 1872


Daniel A. Jones


Jan. 20, 1820

Sept. 3, 1883


Jane Sorrels

Wife of D. A. Jones

Jan. 9, 1825

June 4, 1897



Dau. of J. W. & M. E. Rollins

Apr.3, 1889

Mar. 29, 1891


George W.

Son of J. W. & M. E. Rollins

May 14, 1887

Sept. 5, 1890



Son of J. D. & Sarah Hudson

Aug. 29, 1872

Sept. 2, 1872



Dau. of J. D. & Sarah Hudson

Feb. 9, 1869

Nov. 15, 1871


Joseph J. Price

Hus.of  Elizabeth Raiburn, son of Joseph Price & Mary Hart Price,

Nov. 7, 1821

Oct. 2, 1878

Born in Lawrence Co. MS

No marker, but  believed to be buried here

Elizabeth Raiburn Price

Wife of Joseph J. Price, dau. of Anthony & Nancy Rayburn

Ca 1827

Sept. 15, 1878

Born in Amite Co. MS. No marker, but  believed to be buried here

Robert Jerome W. Price

Husband of Ellen Eliza McGrew, son of  Joseph J. Price & Elizabeth Raiburn/Rayburn

Sept. 15, 1849

Sept. 11, 1878

(Died in yellow fever epidemic – was a minister)

Eliza Ellen Jones

Wife of Robert J. Price & Seaborn Griffing Jones, dau. of Frances L. R. Herlong & John Flood McGrew

Jan. 12, 1855

Oct. 15, 1918

Died in the great influenza epidemic

S. G. Jones

(Seaborn Griffing Jones)

Husband of Eliza E. McGrew Price, son of George W. and Harriet Griffing Jones

Mar. 25, 1828

Oct. 25,1898

(This is a Civil War grave that has not been marked as such.  He was with the 38th Miss. Inf. CSA)

Leland S.

Son of S. G. & E. E. Jones

Apr. 15, 1888

Apr. 20, 1888


Frances Robbie

Dau. of R. J. Price  & E. E. Jones

Jan. 6, 1879

Jan. 15, 1890


Rev. Isadore F. Price

Son of R. J. Price  & E. E. McGrew

Feb. 1. 1875

May 31, 1903



Son of W. H. & M. J. Jordan

Jan. 2, 1902

Jan. 2, 1902


William Neill


Feb. 27, 1813

Oct. 11, 1883


Henry L. Jordan

Feb. 27, 1836

Dec. 27, 1899




Son of G. D. & H. E. McClure

Aug. 22, 1873

Aug. 3, 1883



Son of G. D. & H. E. McClure

Oct. 27, 1879

Apr. 24, 1880



Dau. of G. D. & H. E. McClure

Apr. 7, 1871

Aug. 12, 1871


Tyra Milly



Oct. 18, 1878

“ Age 64”

Stephen Douglas

Son of G. H. & M. D. Phillips

June 14, 1878

Aug. 21, 1886


Thomas Edward

Son of G. H. & M. D. Phillips

July 21, 1883

Sept. 3, 1886


Sarah J.

Daughter of T. & Parthana Lilly

Apr. 23, 1835

Nov. 10, 1855


Mildred Atcheson


Aug. 17, 1852

Jan. 21, 1853


Edwin Atcheson


Feb. 28, 1854



Walter Jones Ebey

Son of W. B. Ebey & Bertha Jordan

May 21, 1923

May 2, 1964

WWI veteran

Homer Forest Herlong

Son of John Thomas Herlong & Rose Ella Jordan

Oct. 3, 1898

Aug. 10, 1967

Born in Claiborne County MS

Bertha Jewel Ebey

Dau. of Walter Jordan & Rosie Jones

Dec. 14, 1898

Nov. 28, 1987


Bertie Rose Buford

Dau. of Wiley Bunyan Ebey  & Bertha Jewel Jordan

May 21, 1926

Mar. 24, 1994


Jeff Wade Jordan

Son of Anon B. Jordan & Mamie Hynum

May 23, 1920

Nov. 3, 1998

Born at Pattison, MS.  WWII veteran

Luvenia Caroline Price

Dau. of Joseph J. Price & Elizabeth Raiburn/Rayborn

Nov. 24, 1844

Nov. 4, 1870

No marker, but  believed to be buried here.

Joseph A. Price

Son of Joseph J. Price & Elizabeth Raiburn/Rayborn

Oct. 14, 1852

Oct. 4, 1878

No marker, but  believed to be buried here

McGrew Price

Son of John Lewis Price & Elizabeth Lenora McGrew



No marker

John Flood McGrew

Husband of Frances L. R. Herlong, son of John McGrew, Sr.  & Caroline Callier/Caller


Feb. 12, 1855

No marker, but  believed to be buried here. Born in Washington or Clarke County AL. Murdered near Rodney.

Frances Lucinda Rebecca Herlong McGrew

Wife of J. Flood McGrew, dau. of David Herlong & Mary Varnado



No marker, but  believed to be buried here.  Died of fever.

Martha McGrew

Dau. of J. Flood McGrew & Frances Herlong



No marker, but  believed to be buried here.  Died young.

William P. McGrew

Son of J. Flood McGrew & Frances Herlong



No marker, but  believed to be buried here.  Died after 1870.


Submitted by Sue Burns Moore sbmoore@swbell.net  based on personal research , Ben Mullins list, and Genealogy from Glenwood Funeral Home Records, Port Gibson, MS 28 Jan. 1951-December 2002, by Grady and Martha Price Leese, 2003. (More information is found in the Glenwood records such as place of birth, surviving family members, place of death, etc. which I have not included here.) 





In Herlong Cemetery in Claiborne County, Mississippi, there is a very unusual tombstone, or more precisely, monument, because although it gives the appearance of being made of stone, this memorial is actually made of metal.  More than 100 years old, the marker is still in excellent condition. It marks the resting place of George Washington Johnston (Mar. 23, 1819 – Feb. 9, 1901) and his wife Colen/Colon (June 9, 1837 – Dec. 25, 1903).  G. W., as he was known, was a Confederate veteran of the siege of Vicksburg, and he is believed to have had children by three wives, the last of which was Colon Brinson Holder.  Lying beside them, with a traditional stone marker, is their blind teenage daughter Susan who died in 1882.


The Johnston marker is unique to this cemetery and is fairly rare.  Although such monuments are found in every state in the Union, there are relatively few of them since they were only made in this country for about forty years, beginning in 1873.  For some reason, the metal tombstones never became popular though they were easily accessible and affordable, even being sold in the Sears & Roebuck catalog.  Some cemeteries banned their use, however, thinking them inferior.  But unless their foundations were improperly laid, most of these markers are in better shape today than their stone counterparts.


The monuments, called “White Bronze,” for commercial appeal, are actually made of molded, pure zinc panels, bolted together.  Over the years, these “tombstones” weather in the elements, gradually forming a tough shell of zinc carbonate.  This aged patina is what gives the markers their lovely blue-gray color.


The consumer of that day could choose from many different symbols, sculptures, panels, and shapes.  Popular motifs were angels, sheaves of wheat, wreaths, etc.   Prices ranged from a few dollars for a simple panel to thousands of dollars for a large, elaborate monument; but overall, they were very reasonably priced.


The Johnston monument in Herlong Cemetery must have been of great interest to the rural community at the turn of the century, few having seen such a remarkable thing.  The local children soon found out that, because it was hollow, it would give out a mighty bong when struck with a rock or stick. 


When my grandmother Eunice Geneva Furr Jones (1894 - 1987),a native of Claiborne County, was a small girl of about nine or ten years old, she and her family lived on her grandfather Isaac Furr’s  place, less than a mile from the Herlong Cemetery.  Christmas was coming, and her father, William Preston Furr, said that he had money for only one saddle for his three older children to have to ride their horses.  He said that he had determined that he would give it to the one brave enough to walk to Herlong Cemetery in the dark and rap loud enough on the hollow metal tombstone to be heard back at the house.  Eunice had two brothers older than she - Herman, about fourteen and Sidney, about twelve.  The boys were not up to the task, but young Eunice was, and won the much-desired saddle by making the spooky trip and accomplishing the eerie task.  The resounding, vibrating voice of the tomb was heard by the entire family, and she won her saddle, much to the chagrin and embarrassment of her brothers.   This action, though insignificant, was prophetic of her ninety-three years of life, full of courage, determination, and true grit.


Submitted by Sue Burns Moore  sbmoore@swbell.net

Sources of information about the White Bronze monuments:

Rochester's History: Cemetery Monuments: White Bronze - Zinc

Metal Monuments of Greenwood Cemetery

Memorial of the family of Joseph J. Price and Elizabeth Raiburn/Rayborn ,

 submitted by Martha Price Leese, a descendant.




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