Devil's Backbone

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How State Hwy 547 between the Natchez Trace Overpass and the ICRR railroad tracks used to look is shown in this photo by the late Miss Pearl Taliaferro loaned by Miss Julia Van Hook. The high hill through which this deep cut ran was known as the Devil's Backbone.  The old Devil's Backbone has long since been graded down.  The flivver with the right hand steering wheel can be identified with a magnifying glass as a vintage Studebaker.  Driver is the late Mr. Nat Humphreys.  The youth in the center is Port Gibson's Mayor, Bill Gordon.  Mrs. Faye Taliaferro Humphreys is on the right.  The other two passengers are unidentified.

Contributed by Sue Moore who had this to say about it:  "I remember this place well from my childhood. The loess banks containing initials and graffitti were graded away eventually and the charming scene lost to progress. This was in a Port Gibson Reville in the 50's or early 60's."

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