Claiborne County, MS

 in the Civil War

Roberts Company Mississippi Artillery
(aka Seven Stars Artillery)
Dunbar Rowland's History of this unit
Roberts' Company, Mississippi Artillery (Seven Stars Artillery) 
First NameLast Name Rank_InRank_Out
SidyAbbay Assistant SurgeonAssistant Surgeon
Westley L.Ainsworth PrivatePrivate
James T.Allen   
John Allen PrivatePrivate
John B.Allen PrivatePrivate
George S.Ashley  PrivateCorporal
Martin M.Ashley PrivatePrivate
George G.Baas  PrivatePrivate
RobertBallew PrivatePrivate
RobertBallow Private Private
Benjamin F.Bankston PrivatePrivate
Frankcis MarionBankston PrivatePrivate
George MattersonBankston PrivatePrivate
F.M.Barkston PrivatePrivate
George G. Bass PrivatePrivate
William J.Beard CorporalSergeant
TheodoreBeck  PrivatePrivate
James P.Beesley PrivateSecond Lieutenant
P. H.Beesley  PrivatePrivate
William C.Beesley PrivatePrivate
RobertBellew Private Private
Warren C.Black PrivateQuartermaster Sergeant
William G.Black PrivateSergeant
Hesekiah G. D.Brown CaptainCaptain
TimothyBrown SergeantSergeant
Francis M. Buffkin PrivatePrivate
UrbinBuffkin CorporalCorporal
H.Burnely  SurgeonSurgeon
John E.Butler Junior First LieutenantJunior First Lieutenant
HenryCason  PrivatePrivate
Hillary J.Cason PrivatePrivate
J.J.Cason Private Private
Henry B.Cato CorporalCorporal
J.L.Cessna PrivatePrivate
R.A.Cessna PrivatePrivate
MiltonCogdell PrivatePrivate
Fleming G. W. Coleman PrivateFirst Lieutenant
S. G. W.Coleman PrivateFirst Lieutenant
T. G. W.Coleman  PrivateFirst Lieutenant
RichardCoxwell PrivatePrivate
Henry J.Crawford  PrivatePrivate
James S.Crawford PrivatePrivate
Marquis D.L.Crawford Private Private
James MonroeCrews PrivatePrivate
JohnCrosby PrivateSergeant
Calvin C.Cudd PrivatePrivate
Fleming C.Cudd PrivatePrivate
M.M. Curtis PrivatePrivate
Moses M.Curtis PrivatePrivate
WilliamDaugherty  PrivatePrivate
John H.Davis PrivatePrivate
John JeffersonDavis  PrivatePrivate
William H.Deaton PrivatePrivate
George J.Decell Private Private
WilliamDickson PrivatePrivate
W.M.Dixon PrivatePrivate
W.Dougherty PrivatePrivate
E.H.Dunbar PrivatePrivate
I. N. East PrivatePrivate
IsaacEast PrivatePrivate
John G.East  PrivateCorporal
Thos. W.East Private 
Benjamin F.Ellis  PrivatePrivate
John W.Etheridge PrivatePrivate
John W.Ethridge (Etheridge)Private Private
Solomon S.Fartheree (Fatheree)CorporalJunior Second Lieutenant
Andrew J.Fife PrivatePrivate
F.Fife PrivatePrivate
I.Fife PrivatePrivate
Reuben Newman Fife PrivatePrivate
George E.Fleming PrivatePrivate
George E.Flemming (Fleming) PrivatePrivate
JamesFletcher PrivatePrivate
William S.Fore  PrivatePrivate
N. W.Francis PrivatePrivate
J. F.Freeman Private Corporal
John T.Freeman PrivateCorporal
A.Fucish ArtificerArtificer
E. H.Gauff (Goff)PrivateFirst Lieutenant
D.W.Gilbert PrivatePrivate
Robert B. Gilbert PrivatePrivate
A.H.Goff PrivateFirst Lieutenant
E. HollyGoff  PrivateFirst Lieutenant
Elmer H.Goff PrivateFirst Lieutenant
E.H.Goll (Goff) PrivateLieutenant
M.S.Gooff (Goff)PrivatePrivate
Solomon E.Grace Private Private
Alex. VardemanGriffing PrivatePrivate
Sanford L.Guess PrivateArtificer
James D.Hall PrivatePrivate
Kirk WhiteHall PrivatePrivate
Pleasant C. Hardin PrivatePrivate
Thomas J.Hargrave PrivateSecond Lieutenant
ThomasHayes  PrivatePrivate
ThomasHays PrivatePrivate
Henry H.Heartley  PrivatePrivate
J.F.Hester PrivatePrivate
James L.Hester Private Private
James T.Hester PrivatePrivate
Benjamin F.Hicks PrivatePrivate
M.W.Higden PrivatePrivate
MarionHigdin PrivatePrivate
Marion N. Higdon PrivatePrivate
Nathan MarionHigdon PrivatePrivate
George A.Howard  PrivatePrivate
WillisHudnall PrivatePrivate
WillisHudnell  PrivatePrivate
George GrandersonJackson PrivatePrivate
William A.Jackson Private Private
LewisJacobs PrivatePrivate
AugustusJames PrivatePrivate
JesseJames PrivatePrivate
ThomasJames PrivatePrivate
Henry L. Jones Quartermaster SergeantQuartermaster Sergeant
Woodford M.Jones PrivateSergeant
James F.Kelley  PrivatePrivate
James W.Kelley PrivatePrivate
JonathanKelley  PrivatePrivate
James W.Kelly PrivatePrivate
JonathanKelly Private Private
Albert B.Kendrick PrivatePrivate
John H.Kendrick PrivateCorporal
Matthew W.Kendrick PrivatePrivate
J.H.Kendricks PrivateCorporal
John G. Leach PrivatePrivate
John G.Leech PrivatePrivate
James W.Leggette  PrivatePrivate
James Y.Lenoir PrivatePrivate
HenryLevi  PrivatePrivate
HenryLevy PrivatePrivate
CharlesLinda Private Private
CharlesLinder PrivatePrivate
AlexanderLupo PrivatePrivate
Robert H.Marshall SergeantSergeant
Francis M.Martin PrivatePrivate
Francis R. Martin PrivatePrivate
John W.Martin PrivatePrivate
P.J.Mathingly  PrivatePrivate
Thomas C.Mathingly PrivatePrivate
Phineas J.Mattingly  PrivatePrivate
Thomas C.Mattingly PrivatePrivate
G.McCaughan Private Private
G.W.McCracken PrivatePrivate
Geo. W.McCracken PrivatePrivate
WashingtonMcCrackin PrivatePrivate
F.M.McCree PrivatePrivate
Samuel P. McCree PrivateSergeant
Andrew J.McDaniel MusicianMusician
Samuel F.McGee  PrivatePrivate
T.F.McGee PrivatePrivate
RobertMcKewen  PrivatePrivate
Robert EmmetMcKewen PrivatePrivate
John J.McLemon Private Private
John J.McLemore PrivatePrivate
Francis M.McRee PrivatePrivate
Samuel P.McRee PrivateSergeant
William J.McRee PrivatePrivate
George W. Miller PrivateCorporal
Isaac M.Miller PrivateCorporal
Isaac N.Miller  PrivateCorporal
John F.Morgan PrivatePrivate
Isham S.Mullen  PrivatePrivate
Thomas L.Mullican PrivatePrivate
I. S.Mullins Private Private
William T.Mullins PrivatePrivate
Samuel J. M.Nix PrivatePrivate
Thomas J.Norton PrivatePrivate
Isaac N.Parker PrivatePrivate
John J. Parker PrivatePrivate
JohnPaxton PrivatePrivate
William H.Perry  PrivatePrivate
JohnPierce PrivatePrivate
T. W.Pierce  PrivatePrivate
Thaddeus W.Pierce PrivatePrivate
Thomas J.Pierce Private Private
Thomas W.Pierce PrivatePrivate
Charles WesleyPotter PrivatePrivate
Ira L.Pottter SergeantSergeant
Alexander C.Price PrivatePrivate
Charles R. Price PrivatePrivate
Milton H.Price PrivatePrivate
T. FranklinPrice  PrivatePrivate
Thomas F.Price PrivatePrivate
W.Price  PrivatePrivate
Andrew JacksonPurser PrivatePrivate
David I.Purser Musician Musician
HenryPurser PrivatePrivate
Robert HigdonPurser PrivatePrivate
William H.Purser PrivatePrivate
Joseph T.Reagan PrivatePrivate
Joseph Thomas Regan PrivatePrivate
Andrew J.Rembert PrivatePrivate
Charles C.Rembert  PrivatePrivate
John A.Rembert PrivatePrivate
Thomas L.Rembert  PrivatePrivate
Joseph M.Reynolds PrivatePrivate
MarionReynolds Private Private
A.Roberts First SergeantFirst Sergeant
AlexanderRoberts PrivateFirst Sergeant
CalvinRoberts Senior First LieutenantCaptain
John J.Robertson PrivateCorporal
Thomas M. Robertson PrivatePrivate
W.M.Robertson Private 
J.I.Robison  PrivateCorporal
T.M.Robison PrivatePrivate
Thomas L.Rumbert (Rembert) PrivatePrivate
SamuelRutledge PrivatePrivate
E.P.Sanders Artificer Artificer
John LawsonSanders   
M. D.Saxon PrivatePrivate
WilliamShaw PrivatePrivate
Augustus M.Smith PrivatePrivate
William A. Steward PrivatePrivate
William A.Stewart PrivatePrivate
W.A.Stuart  PrivatePrivate
Charles K.Sweeny PrivatePrivate
Charles K.Swinney  PrivatePrivate
Elias W.Tanner PrivatePrivate
William B.Tanner Private Private
JohnTaylor PrivatePrivate
Henry P.Thompson PrivatePrivate
JesseThompson PrivatePrivate
M.J.Thompson PrivatePrivate
William G. Thompson PrivatePrivate
William H.Thompson First SergeantFirst Sergeant
Paul T.Tomlinson  PrivatePrivate
William R.Trim PrivateSergeant
A.A.Vardaman  PrivatePrivate
G.W.Vardaman PrivatePrivate
Ayers A.Vardeman Private Private
George W.Vardeman PrivatePrivate
Ayers A.Vardiman PrivatePrivate
George W.Vardiman PrivatePrivate
James AlexanderVaughan PrivatePrivate
Robert Singleton Vaughan CorporalCorporal
Arch. McManusVaughn (Vaughan)PrivatePrivate
Archibald M.Vaughn  (Vaughan)PrivatePrivate
John A.Wade SergeantSergeant
Micajah T.Wade  Second LieutenantSenior Second Lieutenant
Charles H.Weeks PrivatePrivate
J.M.Weeks Private Private
Joseph P.Weeks PrivatePrivate
Albert J.Welch PrivatePrivate
Martin J.Welch PrivatePrivate
William W.Welch PrivatePrivate
A. Jackson Wheeler PrivatePrivate
Erastus B.Wheeler PrivatePrivate
James M.Wright PrivatePrivate
John G.Young  PrivatePrivate
Joseph G.Young PrivatePrivate


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